Welcome to my Merry-Go-Round!

thought it was about time I started documenting my ramblings. Who knows, someday maybe I will want to read them again and remember “back when”. Although unfortunately I think all my GOOD “back whens” are long gone, lol.

Some part of me always wanted to be a writer. That’s probably why I was an English major in college. I remember thinking to myself, what is it that I really would like to do with my life? At the time, I loved reading books and watching movies. So I thought maybe I could be a reviewer, or critic. Or a teacher, if that didn’t pan out. I knew I would need to support myself. Even back in 1972 I was independent, and didn’t want to have to rely on ANYONE to support me. Good thing I thought that way, since I seem to have been single more than not.
But, the best laid plans of mice of men…..you know how that goes. You don’t? Well, they oft go awry. Wish I had know back then what I know now. The older I get, the more platitudes ring true, lol.

So, now that we have established that I always wanted to be a writer, where does that leave me. Hmmm. Pretty much in the same place, since I became an accountant instead. How in the world did that happen? I guess through a chain of unfortunate events that didn’t seem so at the time. The end result is that my inner writer is still just that. Inner. However, in this era of instant technology and gratification, ANYBODY can write a book or a blog and satifsy their inner muse.

Please join me on this journey. I will cherish your comments. Maybe.


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