Random Notes

16 things about me:

1. Sometimes I prefer dogs to people
2. My family thinks I’m crazy because of the above
3. I can’t watch Animal Planet anymore with all the sad stuff
4. I cry at movies
5. I cry reading books
6. Obviously I am too emotional
7. I like oldies, especially The Monkees
8. I don’t like cheaters or liars
9. I am addicted to reality TV
10. I sing and dance when cleaning house
11. I really hate to sweat
12. I am afraid of Alzheimer’s
13. I already have Sometimers, sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t
14. I loves my nieces to pieces, and my nephews too
15. Gerald Butler and Clive Owen float my boat. Must be the accents
16. I believe in my own version of evolution and creationism


2 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. THIS is a very interesting list! Sometime I might come back and query a few of these in more detail. You know, when I have free time. Let’s pause while we both kick back and laugh at that. *sigh* 🙂

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