Top Ten Men

Everyone likes to fantasize about their perfect man.  Especially a middle-aged single (ok, divorced) woman.  I have not had much luck in the marriage department (need to stay away from Leo’s!).  So I get my fix vicariously through drooling at men on the silver screen.  Some of these top ten caught my eye years and years ago, others are new additions.  This is where it stands as of now:

#1  Craig Ferguson

Handsome, witty, tall, stunning blue eyes….oh, and that Scottish accent!  My dream came true when I saw him in person at The Chicago Theatre!

#2  Luke Mably

New on my radar, but hello, hot hot hot!  Check him out on Combat Hospital.  You may remember him from The Gates.  He was a lovely vampire indeed!  I would let him bite my neck any time!

#3 Jim Sturgess

Just the cutest, sweetest thing.  You may remember him from the movie 21.  Look for him August 19th with Anne Hathaway in “One Day”.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

#4  Robert Downey Jr

I do love a bad boy!  I have loved Robert for a long time.  Iron Man sealed the deal for me.  He is just so quirky, and has a sophisticated sense of humor.  Oh, and he can sing too!  Very well I might add.

#5  Kyle Chandler

Friday Night Lights.  Enough Said.

#6  Ian Somerhalder

Young, hot vampire.  Need I say more?  Oh, you don’t know about my vampire addiction?  Ah, a blog for another time…..

#7  Patrick Monahan

I’m his Soul Sister, Mister Mister.

#8  Dermot Mulroney

My Best Friend’s Wedding.  Wasn’t he just the cutest?  Altho Julia over Cameron all the way!  I even love the scar on his lip. 

#9  Dennis Miller

An oldie but goodie.  He is INTELLIGENT, and so many people don’t get his humor.  You have to THINK to get the punch line!  And he reminds me of someone in my real life from back in the day.  Oh, those days…..

#10  The Russian

Ok, just kidding.  But Russian is his nickname, because of this guy!  Here is the REAL Russian:

No, he is not famous (but he IS infamous in Lake County, lol), but he is my BFF and a really good guy. 

So there it is.  You probably couldn’t help but notice the dark hair on most of them.  I do love a man with dark hair and blue eyes!  I’ve had bad luck with brown eyed men.  (Note to self:  No Leo’s, no brown eyes)

  So many men, so little time…….


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Men

  1. Hi Jan – Congrats on getting the blog going! I love your choices! Just wondering if you’d seen Robert Downey in Friends & Lovers – definitely worth seeing for him alone. I loved Kyle Chandler in the tv series Homefront and Dermot Mulroney in The Family Stone. Keep up the blogging – love it!
    Lynda from CSS

    • Lynda, yes, I have seen all those movies, and love them! You need to check out Robert Downey Jr video singing Elton John’s I Want Love! He has his own songs also. A man of many talents, and I’m so glad he is back on track!

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