Bite my neck, please!

Vampires are my secret obsession.  Well maybe not so secret, I share this obsession with my sister, and millions of Twilight fans around the world.  Vampire lovers have now taken the place of kidnapping pirates in the imaginations of romantic readers everywhere.  But it’s not something that a middle aged divorced woman would breathlessly tell a potential boyfriend, especially on the first date.  There definitely would be no second then!

It started with a Nora Roberts Trilogy.  Then the Twilight fanaticism started, and I hungrily bought and devoured every book.   Then the Vampire Diaries series.  Then the Anita Blake series.  Then the House of Night (best of the bunch in my opinion).  I have them all.  Lined up nice and neat on my bookshelves.  Sometimes I loan them out to special friends who share my obsession, always careful to get them back.  My library is growing as fast as they can crank them out!

Way back when, Dark Shadows scared us kids on late afternoons.  Then Elvira on Friday nights.  But these were deep dark, dare I say, ugly vampires, who took advantage of poor unsuspecting women.  Not like the smart, handsome vampires of today, who sparkle in the sunshine and don’t fly like bats.  I must confess I do enjoy the Twilight movies, and am looking forward to the final two, which will be the best in my opinion. I did start watching The Vampire Diaries on TV, but couldn’t keep up.  If you read my Top Ten Men blog, you will see that one of lead characters is indeed one hot vamp!

So for those of you who want some good clean fun in a book (with the exception of the Anita Blake books), I highly recommend snuggling up with a vampire!


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