Is Marilyn Monroe the new Bean?

Chicago is a lakefront city of many wonders.  The Sears Tower (I don’t even know the new name and refuse to learn it), the John Hancock, Navy Pier, the Aquarium, Soldier Field etc.  A few years back we got a new wonder, the Bean.  Not sure what the purpose is or was.  Still not sure.  But everybody had to go see their reflection in the Bean.

Now, it is Marilyn Monroe’s underpants.  Yes, I said underpants.  In Marilyn’s day they didn’t wear panties or thongs from Victoria’s Secret.  They wore Granny pants.  Big billowing underpants that covered up ALL your bits and pieces.  So now the latest hot touristy thing to do in Chicago is to visit the Marilyn statue and have your picture taken while standing underneath her skirts looking up at her underpants.  Pictures abound on Facebook and Twitter and family albums everywhere!

I guess I don’t get it.  Why would someone build a statue that basically lets everybody look up a poor dead women’s skirt?  And yes I know that it’s a scene from one of her movies, but I don’t think people were standing underneath her staring up at her.

Also, from the looks of the statue, Marilyn has wonderful legs, and a great figure overall.  However, I do think back in the day it was said that Marilyn was considered a little chubby and wore a size 16.  Huh.  I bet most of today’s overweight population wished they looked like her!  And if she was a real size 16 I’ll eat my own underpants!  I mean come on, Kirstie Alley claims she was down to size 6 by the end of Dancing With the Stars, and I think maybe she is a real size 16!  Kirstie Alley is fabulous and stunningly beautiful, but skinny she ain’t, not even now.  She looks MARVELOUS, and I am super proud of her achievements.

But back to Marilyn.  I think the statue is meant as a tribute to her, but I think it demeans her a bit, and brings it all down to a joke about her underpants.  What do you think?  I am curious to know.


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