Simon the Siamese Scaredy Cat

Simon was the cutest, tiniest baby kitty I had ever seen:

Only problem was, he wasn’t mine.  He was my sister’s.  My sister collects cats like I collect ex-husbands.  But Simon and I always had a bond.  He spent most of his time hiding under the bed, or napping on top of the bed, away from dogs and babies and everything that scared him.  And everything DID scare him.  He ran and hid under the bed all the time.  My sister had two other cats, who ventured outside every day and brought home birds and mice and squirrels.  Simon accidently went outside one day, and his shadow frightened him and he scurried back inside, never to venture out again!  The funny part is that Simon grew up to be a stunningly beautiful cat, all cream and smoky grey, big blue eyes, and at least 20 pounds!  Too big to be a scaredy cat!

Simon always came out to greet me whenever I came over, which was most days.  He would brave all the obstacles just to wind around my legs, or jump on a chair, crying to be petted.  I always said, Simon, when I lose my dogs, I’m taking you home with me.  My sister said, take him now, there too many people and animals here in my house.  So I thought I’d try it, over Christmas vacation, since I would be home for a few weeks.

I had two dogs at the time, Maddie the Golden Retriever, and Mollie the Yellow Lab.  I had an old cat I inherited from somebody, Vanna, and Vanna was mean as could be and those dogs let her be.  In her final couple of years, she learned to share the bed with Maddie, and the two became bed buddies.  After she passed away, Maddie was lonely for her.  Maddie then got very sick with kidney failure at the young age of 7, so I thought, maybe Simon could be her new bed buddy. 

So at Christmas, Simon came home with me.  He immediately ran under the bed.  I wasn’t sure how Mollie would react to him, since Mollie was a hunter and killed everything she caught.  All manner of creatures….especially rabbits.  I was afraid she would think Simon was a rabbit and kill him.  So the first couple of days I kept Mollie out of the bedroom.  Simon and Maddie slept together like the best bed buddies ever.  I felt guilty about locking Mollie out, and on the third day, the door was opened.  Simon was sitting on bed.  Mollie came in.  They stared at each other for about 5 minutes.  Simon slowly slunk under the bed.  That night he disappeared and I searched the house for him.  Never found him for three days.  I knew he was still around somewhere, as the kitty box was used, and some food gone every day.  Finally found him hiding in the basement, and it took three of us to get him out, and back home, where he was traumatized for days.

My little Maddie died shortly thereafter, so it was back to just me and Mollie.  I started taking Mollie over to my sister’s and she got used to all the cats there, and didn’t chase them.  So a couple of days ago I brought Simon home for trial #2.  The first day Simon spent under the bed.  Then he finally ventured out into the bathroom for his box and food and water.  Mollie came to the bathroom door, and Simon hissed at her and wapped her across the nose for good measure.  Mollie just turned around and went away.

Simon is now laying on my desk, helping me type with his tail.  Mollie is laying at my feet, sleeping.  Simon walks right over the dog now, and the dog barely registers it.  The dog just ignores Simon.  So now Simon thinks he is the King of the Castle, and is so happy!  His tail wags like a dog’s, and he the happiest cat on the planet!

Harmony now resides in the Heath Household!


3 thoughts on “Simon the Siamese Scaredy Cat

  1. Hey cuz, this is the perfect little chicken soup for the soul G rated story I plan to share with my parents next week. We are all a bunch of animal lovers, huh!? My Mom will eat this up as would have yours! Miss you…… and glad Simon has fund a new home.

  2. I just wanted to update my word press friends. Simon died last night. He had a heart defect, and fluid built up and was compressing his lungs and heart. His last couple of days must have been very painful for him, as I didn’t know exactly what was wrong with him. I tried to catch him several times to take to the vet and he escaped me twice after inflicting several bodily harm to me and my clothes. Late last night I finally found him in the basement, hiding under a pile of stuff. He didn’t fight me this time. He was too weak. I put him in a box and took him to the emergency vet. He didn’t last much longer. I got to say my goodbyes and kiss his nose and gaze into his beautiful blue eyes one last time and then he was gone. So now I am alone again. No more animals for me. They all die. Even young, seemingly healthy ones. I am just devastated. Again. I have so many animals now waiting to greet me at the rainbow bridge they will just all bowl me over. I wish I could go there now.

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