My 50 year old “boyfriend”?

I think there should be an age cutoff for calling a MAN a boyfriend.  I think it sounds so silly to call a man with grey hair, or no hair at all, who may or may not have all his teeth, and a dickey do (where your belly sticks out more than your dickey do), a BOYfriend.  It sounds so high school.

So what should we call him?  Should there be a different name every decade?  Twenties is loverfriend, thirties is weekendfriend, forties is live-in-friend, fifties is all-in-one-friend, and after that it’s companionfriend?

How about going old school.  Suitor?  Beau? Swain? Wooer?  Fancier?

Or new age.  My dude.  Hookup.  Boo.   Baby, baby, baby, oh baby baby baby…..Justin Bieber style.

Guyfriend. Manfriend.  Just. doesn’t. sound. right.   For some reason, to me, girlfriends are ok for eternity, but boyfriend sounds like I’m robbing the cradle.  And that would totally be against my 10 year rule.

Let’s try…..soulmate.  Sounds like the perfect term, right?  Nope.  Don’t get me started on soulmate.  I thought I found one…twice.  If you have truly found your soulmate, please let me know how you did it!


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