Massage is good for the body AND soul

I love a good massage.  When I win the lotto, I will get one every day.  I have a wonderful massage therapist, who not only relaxes my body and digs out those pesky muscle knots, but also soothes my soul.  She has helped me so much through this last turbulent year of mine.  She knows what probiotics will soothe my guts.  She knows what lotion will soothe my back and my feet.  She knows what conversation will soothe my soul.  She is my biggest cheerleader in this maze of life, where we take so many wrong turns.  But it only takes one right turn to make it all worthwhile.  God puts people in your path for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  I hope this wonderful person will be my friend for a lifetime.

Insurance companies would be much better off paying for massages, like they would for a physical therapist or chiropracter.  There are so many health benefits for massage, some not readily apparent on the outside.  But the insides are just as important.  Maybe even more so. 

Next time you have a massage, think of it as chicken soup for the soul, too!  Maybe you will be lucky, and have a therapist as good as mine!


2 thoughts on “Massage is good for the body AND soul

  1. Ahhhhhh, yes! Nothing like a good massage to release tension and restore the soul. I like your idea that a massage is chicken soup for the body.

    Love your blogs! They spark my interest, have short catchy titles, are just the right length, stimulate food for thought, are full of energy and carry me along to the end. It takes courage to put yourself out there and I admire that.

    Hope you keep going with the great ideas and thinking process. These are publishable!

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