Adam Lambert…..King of Guyliner

Adam Lambert did not win American Idol, and I know why.  First, a lot of people probably didn’t feel comfortable with his sexuality.  Even though he didn’t formally announce his gay orientation until after the show ended, a simple Google search would have shown you many pictures that were quite obvious in his choice.  Some that were borderline distasteful, and turned many people off, in that regard, including myself.  But that did not change my opinion of him as a singer.

Second, Kris Allen sang the right song at the right time in the competition.  While Adam Lambert totally KILLED every song he sang every week, Kris’s rendition of Kayne West’s Heartless blew every teenager away the last night of competition.  He was just so dang cute.  I knew immediately that night that Kris would ultimately win, even though Adam outsang him and outperformed him every week.  Adam was made for the stage.  He is very…theatrical.  His rendition of Mad World was one for the ages.  And one of my personal favorites was Ring of Fire.  Anybody that can make me like a Johnny Cash song has to be fabulous.  Every week was a new adventure on Idol, because of Adam.

The finale of American Idol was insane.  Adam Lambert as Freddy Mercury was off the hook.  He could have joined Queen or Kiss and never missed a beat.  He made Kris Allen look pathetic.  But by then the die was cast, and Kris Allen was already voted to be the American Idol.  And no one was more surprised than Kris.

Luckily for Adam, he was then free to record and go on tour after his committment to Idol was done.  Adam’s first album went gold.  His world tour was fabulous.  Let’s see, where was Kris Allen……

Adam Lambert has a once in a lifetime voice.  So does Lea Michele, from Glee.  I would love to have those two collaborate on a song or two.  It would be the ultimate duet!


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