The 10 Year Rule


 I am a Cougar.  I like my men young, tender, and tasty.  However, I am not a cradle robber.  I do have some scruples.  I have rules.  The most important rule is no more than ten years younger than me.  I actually started this rule back when I turned 30.  So many delectable interns on the menu!  But no fun unless they were twenty one.  They had to be at least legal to enter a bar and buy me drinks.

Being the older woman has its advantages.  Usually more experienced, can train the cubs properly.  They are so grateful afterwards.  Of course, sometimes it can backfire.  As you age, so do the cubs.  And when you reach a certain mature age like myself, the cubs can be past their prime and turn into plain old lazy lions.  No more fighting over the female.  They just want to lay around all day and nap, and then maybe go for a few sips at the local watering hole with the other old lions.

So can you imagine going 10 years OLDER?  I shudder at the thought.  If I’m going out hunting, I won’t settle for less than prime meat!


5 thoughts on “The 10 Year Rule

  1. Jan…I tend to date girls nearly half my age…I’m 42, but i tend to date in the 25-30 kinda range. A lot of females both older and younger think that it’s all about the preference in equipment between the different females, but I don’t think that it is since I enjoy a girl my age nearly as much as one much younger than myself…

    The difference? I’m not as mature as my age 42 would suggest. i am more along the maturity scale of a 25 year old… i do whatever i want, and living in the caribbean means I’m forever a pirate. sure, sure, i need more hair but in the short/long run, I’m happy and I make the younger girls it’s a win-win…


  2. Well Jan, i can’t tell you that it sucks very often… I live an incredible life and I’m very fortunate… you’d find a lot of fellas down here who love cougars..maybe it’s your turn to visit the islands…


    • T, well a cougar can dream, can’t she. I will definitely need to put the islands on my bucket list! I love your blogs, they certainly aren’t dull, and made me feel like an adventure voyeur!

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