My Dream Man….Pinch me, Please!

I’m divorced.  A two-time loser, actually.  I need to stay away from brown eyes and Leo’s.  Dark, smoldering bedroom eyes.  That stray.  Pfffftttt.

I do love a man with dark hair and blue eyes.  Something like this……  Hey, looks help but it’s the whole package that counts.  Someone might LOOK good on the outside, but their insides are rotten to the core.  So, in order to sweep me off my feet, here’s the scenario:



A tall, dark, handsome stranger walks into the room. He has piercing blue eyes, and dark hair with just a bit of wave to it, and just a touch too long to be conventional. His white teeth and dazzling smile seem to gleam from across the room. He is superbly dressed. Crisp white shirt, beautiful suit and tie, polished black tassel loafers. Suddenly he spots me, and glides over to me, like a beautiful sleek animal seeking his prey. He extends an immaculately manicured hand. As I lean in to touch his hand, I get a whiff of his fresh, clean, nautical scent, like he just came in from the ocean. He lingers just a moment longer, and I inhale deeply. My pupils dilate as I recognize the smell of his pheromones. They match mine. I cannot as yet raise my eyes to his. I am fascinated by the crisp black hairs on the back of his hand, which is holding mine. My own body responds…the hair on the back of my neck tingles. I finally look into his eyes, and see my own reflection staring back at me, like I am mirrored in his eyes. I am hypnotized by his deep gaze. I cannot pull away. His manly aroma surrounds me, and I am helpless. The world fades away to a blur. I feel him, I smell him. His scent is imprinted upon me forever. Without a word spoken, I am his, and he is mine.

Whew.  I think if I really ran across this man, I would faint before I could utter a sound!




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