A Dog’s Purpose, from my POV

I read the book, and loved it.  I cried over each reincarnation.  Dogs truly are a human’s best friend.  They never judge, they never lie, they are loyal and true blue, and they love you unconditionally.  Tonight my purpose is not to go into detail about the book.  Tonight I am a bit meloncholy, as my senior Lab, Mollie, was just diagnosed with kidney failure disease.  She is 12, and has had her share of health issues.  She has epileptic seizures on occasion.  She has two bad knees she blew out running crazy down steps.  She is mostly deaf, unless she hears the clink of silverware on an empty plate ready for licking.  She doesn’t see as well either, rabbits pass her by now.  But, she is a good old gal, and loves to go for a walk, and a swim in the lake.  She will still pick up every stick she sees.  Her tail is always wagging, and she loves kissing kids and adults alike.  She has even come to accept the new cat, Simon the Siamese Scaredy Cat.  She was the cutest, most spoiled puppy ever, everyone loved her, and she grew into an awesome dog

Mollie has witnessed the death of two of my golden Retrievers, Maggie and Maddie.  Maggie at age 8 from heart disease, Maddie at age 8 from kidney disease.  Mollie has been rock through the death of my two golden angels, my divorce, loss of jobs, illness etc.  Her thick white fur has soaked up a boatload of tears. 

I think this was Mollie’s purpose in life.  To see me through some rough patches, always with a smile on her face, and a wag in her tail.  I think I will miss her most of all.


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