It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Labor Day weekend.  Boating, picnics, bbqs, family fun.  Oh, and a little rain.  Always a little rain.  But in this case, I’ll take it, as it will preceed a nice cool Canadian high into our piece of paradise.  It’s been very hot and muggy so I will welcome the transition from summer to fall.

I have online friends who live in Texas.  I’m not sure why they live in Texas.  It’s seems to be 100 there every day, and very, very dry.  They have suffered a lot this summer.  I sure hope they get some rain from Tropical Storm Lee, they need it badly.  I don’t think New Orleans wants much more, it’s already below sea level, lol.  Another test for the pumping system.  I don’t care much for New Orleans either.  Too swampy, hot, humid, and it smells like mold.  Nothing is ever dry there.

Hmmm, here I am, complaining about the heat again.  I am my own heater, never cold.  I come from a large family of hot people.  Sweaters.  Not perspirers.  Sweaters.  Dripping sweat.  Rivers of sweat.  I am Irish and English.  Perhaps I need to go back to Ireland and live in the more moderate climate. 

Actually, I seriously would love to live in Alaska.  Seward, on the coast, seems idyllic.  Anchorage is just like any other big city, and seems nice too.  Living in the midwest, I think it gets colder here in the winter than Seward!   I would love to go and visit, and take the Alaska Train Adventure, see the glaciers, and just plain enjoy the weather.  I’m not sure if living there would bother me with the day/night light issue.  Land of the midnight sun and all that.  Winters could be dreary with little light.  But I’m not a big sun worshipper anymore.

With all that said, I think this weekend will be very nice overall, and I hope your neck of the woods will be too.  Enjoy the long weekend with family and friends, and take the time to stop and smell the roses, and look at the stars!


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