Two Twin Towers

As a prelude, I post this every September.  That particular September was especially difficult for me, as my husband had just up and left me for another woman, and I was all alone.  I was feeling very vunerable and lost when this tragedy happened, so I think my emotional receptors were open wider than usual.  I felt such sadness when this happened, and then I felt such pride when America banded together and responded as they did.  I think America needs to do that again, to get us through our current economic crisis, and also we don’t seem to have made much progress in the evil in the Middle East.  New foes seems to pop up everywhere

Twin Towers

Two twin towers were standing tall.
Two twin towers were about to fall.

Twas Sept. 11th, a beautiful day,
Tho I did not know it. I couldn’t find my way.
My mind was clouded, my heart was shattered.
My husband had left me ….. I felt battered.

My life was over, my heart was aching,
I could almost feel my spirit breaking.
I selfishly thought nothing was worse than this pain,
Little did I know what was to happen, again.

Two twin towers were standing tall.
Two twin towers were about to fall.

Evil had come to visit us that day.
Evil was here, and here to stay.
Evil reared back and rose its ugly head,
Evil wouldn’t be happy unless we were dead.

Evil looked around, and Evil was jealous.
Evil licked his lips, Evil was zealous.
Evil wanted to bring the U.S. down,
Evil picked New York as his target town.

Two twin towers were standing tall.
Two twin towers were about to fall.

Our planes would become weapons of destruction,
Evil thought nothing would become an obstruction.
But there was something that Evil didn’t know…
How Americans loved their country so.

We rallied around, we held our heads high.
Even as we mourned and our eyes did cry.
Our heroes were everywhere, even in the sky.
We shook our heads, and we asked WHY?

Two twin towers were standing tall.
Two twin towers were about to fall.

Something inside of me sparked that day,
And a guiding light was showing me the way.
My personal troubles were bad, that was true.
But nothing compared to the Red, White and Blue.

So I dried off my tears,
I shrugged off my fears.
I stood tall, I stood proud.
Courage took over, it shouted out loud.

Everyone knows that Evil lurks within,
But we will not falter and let Evil win.
We will guard our land, we will guard our skies,
Until once again, peace resides.

Two twin towers went crashing down.
Two twin towers collapsed into the ground.


God Bless America.

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