Why is all the blood rushing to my head?

My theory of gravity has always puzzled me.  It would puzzle you too, if you really thought about it.  Gravity pulls us from the center of the globe, so we don’t fall off the face of the earth.

The guy here on top of the North Pole is the lucky one.  He is anchored to the earth while standing upright.  The rest of us aren’t so lucky.  And imagine the poor polar bears on the South Pole.  They are basically standing upside down all the time.  The only reason their heads don’t burst open with all the blood is that no matter where you stand, the gravity pulls your feet towards the center of the earth, thereby pulling everything downward.

I live in the Northern Hemisphere, which means I am “tilted” all the time.  The people on the Equator are perpendicular.  They need to turn sides frequently so everything doesn’t settle to one side.   Here, see what I mean?

Then we have the gravitational pull of the moon, which is responsible for the tides.

I wonder, is that why water drains clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere?  Actually, it really doesn’t, not for small things like toliets and bathtubs.  Oh well, just throw another shrimp on the barby!  Australia and New Zeland are on my bucket list, and I am certainly not going to waste any time checking the direction of the drain, lol.

So, as I lay my little heady down to sleep, I am grateful for the gravity that keeps me from falling out of my bed and spiraling off into outerspace.  Now, aren’t you glad you knew all this????


4 thoughts on “Why is all the blood rushing to my head?

  1. Oooooh…love this post… strangest thing ever…here, the drain atually spins backwards versus what it does in the states….sure i can manually change it…but I’m not that sentimental about it… i never really thought about the placement of where I am within time and space on this globe…but you’re got me thinking….dangerous…


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