I’m a PC and an Android girl, but…..

With the passing of Steve Jobs, I almost feel guilty about never having bought an Apple product.  I shed more than a few tears yesterday watching bios of him and all his visionary inventions.  I want to run out and buy the new iPhone in his honor.

But I have always argued the Android point of view.  And I guess I’m a Bill Gates girl, cause I always buy Windows computers.  But, I’m not really a big fan of Bill Gates, but I am a fan of Steve Jobs.  My first smartphone was a Droid.  I would sing its praises, all the while being jealous of my friends with iPhones.  They seemed so much more user friendly and colorful and artsy.  My current tablet is an Android rooted Nook Color.  I couldn’t afford an iPad, but wouldn’t refuse one as a gift!

In my job experiences when asked by people what they should buy, I would always answer, for business and crunching numbers etc go Windows, for being creative and having FUN, buy Apple.  Apple has always been a proprietary and premium product, especially price wise.  No cheap off brand for Apple! 

With today’s technology, I believe you can mix the two together and be perfectly happy.  Mac computers can run Windows. iPhones are now being offered by not one, but three cell phone providers, giving consumers more choice and perhaps a better network.  iPads are awesome.  iPods and iTunes changed the way we listen to music.   iPhones did indeed change the cell phone world.  Everybody else is out to be the latest iPhone killer.  Android does have a bigger market share now, but the Android platform runs on many different cell makers, while Apple is Apple only.  Android is an open platform and Apple is proprietary.  Which is better?  Your choice.  You always have a choice.

I do think I will check out the new iPhone.  The new Siri assistant might be worth the change alone.


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