Google….best friend, or worst enemy?

I always say that Google is my best friend.  Where would I be without Google?  How did we ever get along without Google?  Google tells us EVERYTHING!  Somebody asks me a question.  I Google it!  Google to me is a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective etc.  (Several other words are like that to me too, lol, but I won’t mention them here).  Google really is my path to the information highway.

However, it causes me to suffer from information overload, which leads to indecisiveness, which leads to buyers remorse.  How much googling should one do, to say, buy a new cell phone?  For me, that answer is in months.  And by then it is obsolete.  So I have to start over.  I am always afraid something better will come along, right after I decide on something.  And that is usually the case.

So it’s really not Google’s fault.  I blame it on the high technology world, where by the time they introduce the latest electronic, they are already working on the next version.  Everything now is a throw away.  Costs more to fix it than to buy new.


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