The Sweetest of the Sweet

In case you don’t have a calendar, today is Sweetest Day.  This Hallmark Holiday never did seem to take off, not like Valentine’s Day.  Most men, and some women, do not celebrate it.  HOWEVER……back in the day….

One Sweetest Day in particular was extra sweet for me.  By extra sweet I mean Rated R, so those of you who need to, shut down this blog NOW! 

Where was I…..well, I was 21 years old, and just out of college, and STILL A VIRGIN.  Yes, that’s right, folks, I made it through college, AND IN A SORORITY, still a virgin.  Not for lack of offers, mind you.  My mother did a REALLY good job of screwing up my mind for life with all her pontifications on what happens to “bad” girls.  The nuns did their job too.  Back in my day, an unwed mother was a shame to be hidden away.   So every time the opportunity presented itself, I pictured myself pregnant and alone with no husband and no job and no family.  It worked.  (Maybe we need to practice it a little more nowadays!?)  Although how anybody can get pregnant by accident nowadays still mystifies me.  But I digress…..

It was October, and the love of my life at the time was Taylor Kelly.  I met Taylor at a dance club, and he was most gifted of all.  He could do a move on the dance floor!  Move over John Travolta!  Keep in mind, this was back in the days of DISCO DANCING!  Oh, what fun we had, I miss it!  Everybody danced!  My roommate from college, Fonzie, and I were popular dance partners.  So Taylor and I danced away more than a few nights, and pretty soon I was thinking it was time.  Time for you know what.

I planned my own seduction.  In my parent’s house.  In my bedroom.  In my childhood twin bed, that I still slept in. For Sweetest Day.  I wanted the day to be special.   Fonzie and I invited Taylor and his buddy to my house for a “party”, but when they got there, it was only a party of four.  Now, things get a little hazy here for me, because I needed a lot of liquid courage, but I do know that I went to bed that night with Taylor a virgin, and woke up the next morning with Taylor STILL a virgin.  How did it NOT happen, you say?  I still don’t know.  I think the liquor did its damage to Taylor too, and due to my total lack of experience, I was no help in the whole process, and the attempt just withered away, so to speak.  We never spoke of it afterwards.  We did try again a few weeks later, with the same results.  I was starting to wonder….what the heck was everybody making such a big deal about???

Luckily, (or not), shortly thereafter I met another man, and all attempts were a go.  We were married within six months.  After all, I was a good Catholic girl, and felt obligated.  I felt I could always say with pride that I married the first man I ever had sex with.

Sadly, we divorced ten years later.  I’m thinking the Catholic girl guilt played at least a small role, even after marriage.  But after my divorce, I decided I needed to make up for my lost youth.  But that is another blog for another day.

So, Happy Sweetest Day!  Still brings back fond memories…..


3 thoughts on “The Sweetest of the Sweet

  1. oh my…I effing love this post… you should know… although many girls don’t make it past the age of 16 without losing their virginity, I’ve encountered a 40 year old virgin recently… and well let’s simply say, that she had her sights on hanging out and stuff and “getting to know me a bit better”.

    I couldn’t quite understand all of the reasons when I brought sex up in a conversation she immediately either shuts up or she mentions the weather…so I came straight out while enjoying brie and some fruit…. yeah… she’s an effin’ virgin… I’m trying to compose myself since she thinks it’s the holy grail amonst the world of sinful beings…. yet, instead of feeding that mentality, I let her know upfront that I’m into really “good” girls… not girls who are effing saints and stuff… I don’t want to teach a woman anything….with most girls she’d reached woman-hood when she went to prom or sometime therefore with her date that she was in love with at the time…and I do know several girls who held their virginity well past college….but to make it nearly 20 years past that… well there’s several challenges…

    The biggest of those challenges? I’m into sex in a much different way than she is… needless to say, I let her down as gently as possible…. I told her that I would ruin her and take her “fine adherance” to her parent’s rules and destroy them…

    All with a passionate night, goes a girl’s gateway to womanhood and most of the time it ends with her being hurt and heartbroken….

    Not this time…not for me….I plan on being a pillar of humanity… I know…why? When she’s either going to decide she’s gotta know what it feels like or she’s simply allowing herself her moment in the sun… But it will not be me that breaks another girl’s heart with dreams of grandeur… Oh hunny, no worries, i life the life, but I don’t live barbie and ken’s life… ken has no penis and honestly, I think barbie likes it like that as long as she’s got a nice corvette and pool out back of her little mansion… for me, I live in the reality of what humanity has done to itself… yep, I’m certain that I have not helped the situation with my ideas of sexual desires… yet one thing’s for sure… I won’t make it boring and I’ll always make sure to take care of her first… life is too short for one sexual encounter to be bad…

    A secret…I thought that I wanted to take every virgin back in high school….and I did an impressive job at learning how to seduce… my numbers were responsive to my desires…but in the end, it was more than the 5 bucks I paid for rose petals to spread over the comforter at my parent’s lake home…and the tiny bite at the base of the ear lobe when it was “that time” to take her mind off of a little pain…yeah… I learned everything from much older men… and I took the art as a personal conquest, until I realized….I had to teach every single one of em the basics….yeah… I was like…”I want a Mormon girl who hasn’t slept around like she’s the village bicycle where everyone in town has had a ride…”

    Needless to say, in my older years, I’ve learned to not be so ridgid…. love life and those little moments….including those numbers of virgins that have allowed my name as their first…
    I’m not gonna live forever, but as long as I’m here, I might as well make my mark on a few people…


    • T…..I think the reason I stayed virginal for so long was because I didn’t want to be just another notch on the bedpost….I wanted it to MEAN something….not just to me, but to HIM. I didn’t think I could bear it if he just dissed me afterwards, after I had given him what I considered the “ultimate” gift. Did I do the right thing? Would I do it over again the same? Not sure…..but I wouldn’t mind getting a second chance at being young and desirable again!

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