Once Upon a Time…..there was a big bad wolf/witch/insert villian here

Tonight ushers in a new medium for fairy tales.  One that plays on TV, and gives another scary visual to all those “villains” that make up a large component of the fairy tale that resides between the “Once upon a time” and “They lived happily ever after.” 

Yes, we soothe our children to sleep every night with stories of wicked stepmothers/sisters, witches, wolves, evil queens, giants, and the like.  I mean, Bambi’s mamma gets shot by a hunter, Little Red Riding Hood is chased by a wolf who wants to eat here, Snow White and Cinderella had to deal with wicked stepmothers, and the 3 Little Pigs had a big bad wolf huffing and puffing trying to blow their house down!

Even the Disney movies get in on the act, making even the adults cry with their sad tales, which thankfully always ends happy and teaches us a lesson to boot!  Animated movies have come a long way, with Disney and Pixar etc., and are movie blockbusters, with big name stars behind the voices.  (My favorite part of the movie is trying to figure out the name behind the voice, lol.)

So tonight, I will watch ABC’s offering of “Once Upon a Time” and see how I like it.  Not sure if I would let little kiddies watch though, so make sure you tell them a good bedtime fairy tale when you tuck them in, and then settle down for your adult version.  Let me know how you like it!

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