I’m with the band

Just recently I ran across Family Jewels, Gene Simmons reality TV show.  Wow.  Who knew WHAT resided behind all that KISS makeup!!!!!!  I was familiar with his now wife, Shannon, from her B movie days (she was a Playgirl), but I was never really aware of what the real Gene Simmons looked like.  I must say I was quite disappointed, in both his looks AND his personality, he seems quite boorish.  Just goes to show you what a little money can get do for a person!

It got me to thinking though.  How many of today’s most popular bands are….getting along in years.  Just like me.  They are growing old with me.  Older even.  Jon Bon Jovi was my favorite boy back in the early eighties. college.  Jon Bon Jovi is still my favorite boy.  Who can resist that face?  That smile? 

The majority of the top touring bands average more than 40 years old, based on their frontman’s age.  The above mentioned KISS and Jon Bon Jovi.  Rolling Stones.  Journey.  Queen.  U2.  Neil Diamond.  Michael Jackson was 50 when he died right before his big comeback.  I must say that it is comforting to have some of my favorite musicians still around. 

Not to say I don’t like new music.  KISS FM is always on in my car (unless I’m listening to a Glee CD).  I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga, Train, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Eminiem, Bruno Mars…..I could go on and on.  I am a fan of most music, from oldies to classical to hip hop to top 40.

I would say I’m lucky to have ALL the music in my life!  What or who is YOUR favorite????


2 thoughts on “I’m with the band

  1. I remember listening to Gene Simmons being interviewed on NPR some years ago, when I was driving home. He talked endlessly about all the women he’d slept with and how he had a Polaroid photo of every one of them. He sounded like a total hedonist.

    Some years later, I found out that he’s been with Shannon for years. He never mentioned her once during the interview, even as he tried to chat up the interviewer on live radio. How she doesn’t cut him up and leave is beyond me…

    • Well they are officially married now, lol. They have two grown children! He has never made any secret of the fact that he’s a cheater, and like you say, is very proud of it. That’s what money will do for a man, because I find him physically revolting!

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