Reality bites….

For a few brief hours today I thought that God had sent me a gift to help me with my grief.  Lately I have had quite a few crying jags over losing my Mollie and Maddie.  I miss my girls so DAMN MUCH.  Sunday I went to the Sandbar to watch the football game.  It was a beautiful fall day, and I was standing outside with some of my friends on the beach, when this gorgeous golden retriever came running up to me full blast, and leaped upon me with delight, wiggling and waggling and licking me to death!  He was soaking wet, had just come out of the lake.  He had no collar on, but he appeared to be well fed, well-groomed, and well-trained.  It was obvious he had run away from home for a little adventure.  He was galloping around the beach, chasing kids on their bikes, fetching sticks I threw him, and greeting everybody who came in or out. 
After a while, I thought, hmmmm, I wonder where his owners are.  I was concerned he would run out the main road and get hit by a car or something.  Everyone kept telling me that I should take him home, and if anybody came by looking for him they would call me.  Surely someone would have been looking by now.  I sat outside on a picnic table off and on with this dog for a couple of hours.  He would take off and disappear for a for a while but then would come back.  He was smitten with me, as I was with him.  He kept leaning on me and wanting to be petted.  For a few moments I allowed myself to seriously think that maybe God had sent me this perfect creature to soak up my tears and make me smile again. 
I was almost going to take him home, when a girl came running up the beach with a leash in her hands.  My heart sank, and I pointed her in the direction of the galloping dog.  She waved a thanks, and my dream dog was gone.  Poof.  I blinked my eyes, and shook my head.  Reality was back.  I was sad for a little bit, but happy the dog was found, even while thinking, I was close, so close.  Once again I would go home to quiet, empty staircase.
Everyone thinks I should get a new dog, but truthfully I can’t afford it, am prolly having back surgery, and when I go back to work it’s too long to leave a puppy.  So I came home and petted Simon the Siamese Scaredy Cat and told him he better step up his dog skills game, lol.  I do love Simon very much, always have since he’s been a baby kitty, but a dog, especially a big dog, seems just more….human.  It’s hard to feel lonely with a big old lug of a dog around to be your best friend.

2 thoughts on “Reality bites….

    • Thanks Janet. My girls were my fur babies, and were “human” to me, and their loss has affected me greatly. Not having children of my own, I suppose I elevated their status too much, but animals lovers (like yourself) know what I am talking about! It’s a proven fact that people with pets live longer, they really fill up the holes in your heart.

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