The love of a parent, the loss of a child

It is said that the love of a parent is an unfailing one, and the loss of a child the biggest heartbreak imaginable.  So what happens when the two collide?  You get a Susan Smith, an Andrea Yates, a Casey Anthony, and possibly a Deborah Bradley, mother of missing infant Lisa Irvin.

I am not a mother myself, but have been lucky enough to be close enough to my family to parent vicariously through them.  I cannot begin to fathom losing any of my nieces and nephews, let alone be responsible for their demise.

How does a seemingly devoted mother turn in an instant to kill their offspring?  You always hear afterwards “they seemed like such a normal family, the mother was always seemed so loving”.  There were no outward signs of discord in the family.  The spouse or other family members are equally shocked when the tragedy happens.  Is it genetic?  Is it depression, baby blues, an accident?  A baby screams all day, all night.  A young mother feels helpless, and just wants it to stop.  A woman finds love, but with a man who doesn’t want to include her children in that love.  A mother drinks or takes drugs, and a child dies on her watch.  Panic sets in, and the reality begins.

Personally I think some deaths are indeed accidents, and the parent tries to cover it up as a kidnapping or robbery.  Eventually the truth comes out in most cases, and then it looks even worse for the person responsible.

Being a parent is a HUGE committment.  One that lasts a lifetime.  Many people are not prepared, or not capable of doing this.  You can debate all day long abortion, adoption, etc., but the fact remains that giving birth does not automatically make you a good parent.  Children can bring a family closer to each other, or tear them apart. 

There are so many people in the world desperate to have a child, or who have lost a child, and would dearly love to have the chance to raise and protect them in this world.  It is hard to imagine the opposite.

Hold your children dear to your heart.  God has entrusted them to you.  Their fate should be in His hands, not yours.


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