Has texting replaced the “Post-it” breakup?

Anybody that follows Sex and the City knows that Berger broke up with Carrie on a Post-it note stuck to her computer.  Carrie was quite indignant about it, and rightly so.  What a coward’s way out of a relationship!

Well, technology may have changed things for that coward.  Now you don’t even need to be there in person to leave a note before you sneak off into the sunset.  Now you just tap tap tap on your phone, and done!  Over and Out!  See ya!  And then you can sit back and laugh at all the incoming texts, begging you to reconsider.

What is it about relationships that one day he loves you, and the next day he cannot even look at your face and tell you that he never wants to see you or speak to you again EVER???

Breaking up is hard to do.  Just ask anyone or listen to the radio.  There is no GOOD way to break somebody’s heart.  But there are ways that are worse than others.  And that includes not giving the dumpee the time or respect or closure they need and deserve.

Do they deserve it after one date?  Ten dates?  Ten years of marriage?  Every relationship is different, so It’s hard to put a number on it.  In my case of ten years of marriage, I was dumped overnight and all trace of his existence removed while I was at work the next day.  Nice, huh?  I cannot even begin to tell the tale.  Let’s move on.

Maybe there should be a pre-nup for dating.  The pre-nup would spell out the terms of the breakup.  I mean, let’s face it, with the dismal divorce rates out there, just plain old dating has got to be worse!  At least you would know ahead of time what the process will be and not get caught off guard.  And if your partner does not live up to the pre-nup?  Off with his head!  And I mean that body part that is used in relationships.  And then put down the garbage disposal.  Cause that’s where you dispose of garbage.  Right? 

Any judge would agree.  I think.  Someone get back to me on that.  ‘K?


One thought on “Has texting replaced the “Post-it” breakup?

  1. I think there are plenty of factors in a break up. After one date, or even a couple dates.. I’m fine witb the text break off. I would prefer it to the disappearing act. If the two people live a distance away, that changes things too… Now, if he and I have talked on the phone & I feel we’ve been connecting– that definitely rates a phone call at the very least. I just try to feel it out. It’s a gray area, I’d say & I’m comfortable in the gray.

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