Is Lucy the Chimp really my cousin????

I was born and raised Catholic.  Catholic school with nuns and priests.  Adam was created by God in the Garden of Eden, and Eve from Adam’s rib.  Thus, we have mankind, made in God’s likeness.  Creationism.  Voila!

Until I went to high school.  And now those same nuns and priests were teaching us about evolution.  How life on earth mutated and changed form etc. in order to adapt to this world.  We saw charts of how mankind evolved, from chimp to modern man.

It is said that we share 96% of our DNA with chimps.  Now new studies by archeologists provides evidence of a human-orangutan connection. Schwartz and Grehan stated that they scrutinized the hundreds of physical characteristics often cited as evidence of evolutionary relationships among humans and other great apes—chimps, gorillas, and orangutans—and selected 63 that could be verified as unique within this group (i.e., they do not appear in other primates). Of these features, the analysis found that humans shared 28 unique physical characteristics with orangutans, compared to only two features with chimpanzees, seven with gorillas, and seven with all three apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans). Gorillas and chimpanzees shared 11 unique characteristics.

So.  Religion versus Science.  The great debate rages on.  Don’t bring this topic up at the dinner table!  It breaks all the rules of socially accepted polite conversation.  But topics like these excite my mind.  I love this kind of mental stimulation!

I have my own version of the events.  It’s a marriage of the two that makes perfect sense to me.  It is said that God created man on the sixth day.  Perhaps God’s “day” is really thousands of years.  Maybe we don’t need to take it so literally.  What if God created everything, and over time we did indeed evolve from the great apes in the perfect image and likeness of God?  We were indeed his ultimate creation, refined after thousands of years of evolution.  Mankind took a divergent path from the rest of the apes. 

We are ALL still evolving.  We get taller, wider, stronger, smarter, whatever we need to survive on planet earth.  We mutate.  Just look at the pictures of your grandparents at your age now, and you will see quite a difference.  Actually, with all the technology and machines available now, I think we are de-evolving!

  So I’m sticking with my theory.  We were all created by God, and mankind evolved in his likeness.  We are the top of the pyramid.  Why?  We have opposable thumbs!


3 thoughts on “Is Lucy the Chimp really my cousin????

  1. I like this post because i come from a mixed catholic and science background too! We didn’t actually evolve from the great apes though. About 3 million years ago there was a common ancestor of both us and chimps. As this (now extinct) ancestor evolved it took two different evolutionary paths. One which led to humans and one which led to chimps. People tend to misunderstand this because we think of ourselves as more highly evolved than great apes but from a purely science standpoint they’re just as evolutionarily successful as we are! …and you thought I just went to Costa rica to study monkeys for fun!!

  2. pffff if we looked like tigars scientists would say we came from tigars. its bull. buy chance did you know that every single animal in the primate family has 48 chromosomes and 24 pairs? humans have 46 chromosomes and 23 pairs, black rats have 46 chromosomes and 23 pairs and so does the crowned lemur. lol this would mean we are closer in genetics to that of a rat than any primate. also you do not have the evidence of the in between products of micro evolution to present leaving evolution screwed on behalf of man vs monkey. and wow you found an ancient monkey, so that auto maticly makes it our founder species? really? thats like me going in the forest and findind an apple on the ground and saying the whole forrest is made of apple trees because i found an apple on the ground when somebody droped it when they were eating their lunch. and also the difference between your grand parrents and you have nothing to do with evolution. it takes at least 100,000 years for any form of micro evolution to take place, not two generations. my point of why evolution is complete and utter non sense is this. evolution will ony ocour in an act of adapt to survive. for example if a species of fish lives in a certain part of the sea and that part of the sea is very very slowly increasing in temperature than the fish would adapt to survive in the envirement, but only over hundreds of thousands of years… so let us take a look at the trilobytes. the trilobytes eyes where AMAZING 😀 they where double lensed alowing them so see absolutly perfectly in the water breaking all the laws of vision distortion in water. they could see better than we could with gogles on. not only that but the fact that in order for there eyes to develope they would have to go through a process that builds the eye 7 times over. this a a perfect example of how evolution takes a dive. the trilobyests did not need to have such perfect eyes to survive. this would display a great example of creation. so now lets come a little closer to home. the human eye, somtimes refered to as the cure for atheism. the human eye is single leansed and is basicly perfect, the fact that our eyes have auto zoom, the ability to see something as thin as a hair and the ability to see color is absolutly increadible, but the part that absolutly baffles scientists is the fact the the human eye either works as an integrated whole or not at all. we dont NEED perfect eyes yet we have them, this drowns evolution and points to creationism.

    there are examples like this all over which proves evolution is bull

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