Santa Baby, hurry down my chimney!

Alright, so I don’t have a chimney.  A minor technicality.  But that’s no excuse for Santa bypassing my house for the last 10 years.  Just because now I don’t have a husband and children, I still have needs.  And right now I need a new computer!

Santa, please, I have been babying this computer along for 10 years now.  I think it’s time to retire it along with the other dinosaurs.  I have my sights set on a beautiful purple laptop with everything I need to work from home.  But computers don’t come cheap, so I need your help Santa.

I’ve been a very good girl this year.  I will make you the BEST cookies ever, and leave some nice brandy instead of that stuffy old milk.  Instead of stuffing yourself down my non-existing chimney, I will leave the front door open so you can just waltz right in.  I will leave treats for the reindeer in the front yard.  You don’t even need to bring your sack in.  I only want one measly gift.  One gift for the past ten years.  One gift that will bring me joy for years to come.    I will be ever so grateful, and will sing your praises for the whole next year!

Christmas used to be my most favorite time of year.  I would spent days decorating.  I wore Christmas outfits every day in December.  I had Christmas socks, Christmas shoes, Christmas watches, Christmas earrings.  I was a walking, talking Christmas tree!  I would be so excited, baking pies and wrapping gifts.  My dogs had Christmas collars and Reindeer antlers.  Everyone was in the Christmas spirit!

Divorce ruined a lot of things in my life.  One of the major casualties was Christmas.  No sense decorating or getting in the spirit of the holiday when you live alone.  Even going to church was a lonely affair on Christmas.  I would look at all the families there in their Sunday best, and sigh.

I am bound and determined to make this Christmas better.  I will decorate, I will bake, I will sing songs, I will pull out my old Christmas clothes!  My dogs are gone, but I will decorate Simon the Siamese Scaredy Cat!  I may not have much money, but I can make things or bake things.  I will go to Midnight mass again and sing along with the choir, and pray for a handsome man to kiss under the mistletoe.  And hopefully, when I wake up on Christmas morning, there will be ONE gift for me.  Just one.  In purple please.



2 thoughts on “Santa Baby, hurry down my chimney!

  1. Good luck with Santa, or any other big and friendly hairy guy willing to give you a nice gift. 🙂

    Are you looking for a Dell laptop in purple (they have a good choice of colors now), or a Macbook with a purple case (which is what my daughter has for college)? You need to be clear so Santa doesn’t make a mistake. After all, you might be using it for 10 years!

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