The Useless Life of a Cordless Battery

That’s right.  Uh huh.  Call me Tim the Tool Man Taylor.  That’s how I look when it’s time to do yard work.  Don’t want to deal with gas and oil and pull cords?  No problem!  Just buy a cordless option!  More expensive but worth the convenience!

Not.  I bought the full complement of the Black & Decker yard tool line because it promised me all of the above.  They lie like a politician.  Promise you everything and give you nothing.

Not that they don’t work.  They do.  They just need a fresh battery every 5 minutes.  And these battery packs are big.  And heavy.  So you have to strap them on your tool belt and carry them with you wherever you go, cause you don’t want to run out of juice in the back yard when the batteries are in the garage.  Plus I figure it’s a good workout.  Each one probably weighs about 5 pounds.  l have 6 battery packs and 3 chargers and they are constantly revolving so I always have a fresh one availab.le.

Yes, they are convenient, and would probably be just right for a homeowner on a very small lot.  My lot is not small, I have a lawn tractor.  With a fence enclosing the entire back.  Which means a lot of weed wacking along the fence line.  That alone takes up 3 battery packs.  Then I have to blow everything.  That takes at least 2, 3 in the fall.  So I am constantly charging because it takes my full complement all in one day.

I’m not sure if everybody has this problem.  Maybe I have been charging the batteries too much and they are worn out.  I did google research before I bought them, and most comments agreed they would work on one battery per use.   If there is a handy person out there that knows why my cordless battery is useless, please let me know!


3 thoughts on “The Useless Life of a Cordless Battery

  1. OK, Tech Time!

    Unless you’re using at least an 18V battery, you’re going to have problems. There are two types: NiMH and Li-IoN. By comparison: NiMH batteries hold the charge for less time and the recharging is less effective more quickly. That is, the Li-Ion batteries are lighter, hold each charge for longer, and have a better ‘memory effect’ over time.

    Having said all that, cordless is very useful for things that require a small amount of total energy (like screwing something into the wall). When the total energy is large, like “weed wacking”, then the batteries can’t contain enough for the task. At home:
    – I have some tools that are cordless like yours.
    – For the lawn, it’s a gas/petrol mower.
    – The “weed wacker”, grass blower, hedge trimmer, and chain saw (if you need one) can be either gas/petrol or electric (plugged into the wall and using an extension cord). In my case, 3 of the 4 are electric and I think they both work better than the gas/petrol models I bought in the past.

    Hope this helps!

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