Will Tebow Prevail?

Today is a big day.  For Tim Tebow.  For his believers.  For his team.  For God.  He is facing a formidable duel today.  Almost like a duel to the death.  If he wins, he will rocket to even more fame.  If he loses, all of his haters will rejoice in his failure.  And believing in God will take a hit too.

Tim Tebow.  You either love him or hate him.  But.  He did not ASK for all this notoriety.  He did not ASK for all this hoopla surrounding him.  He did not ASK to be called God’s quarterback.  One thing I do know.  Tim Tebow was praising the Lord in the same manner way back in grade school, high school, college…..long before he started a game for the Denver Broncos.  But for some reason, his believing in God and thanking the Lord has become a bone of contention now.  People don’t want to believe that God has played any kind of role in his performance.

Does he?  Maybe.  I can’t say for sure that God has a hand in a football game.  But I do know that God has had a hand in the strength of faith that Tim Tebow has, and how he passes that on to his teammates.  So yes, in a way, God has a hand in it.  In some way, God has his hand in everything.  How do you think we all got here?  Whether you believe in creationism or evolution or both, a higher power created the seed.

So to all you haters and non-believers out there who make fun of him or me, shut your mouth and find something else to mock.  You always will.

You go, Tebow.  I believe.


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