Pink Ribbon or Pink Slip?

Once again, protestors win the day.  The Susan G. Komen (SGK) organization had pulled its funding for Planned Parenthood (PP).  SGK officials had originally said they cut funding to PP because the group is the subject of a Republican-led federal investigation believed to be fostered by anti-abortion advocates.

Then the backlash began.  Even one of SGK top executives resigned in protest over the issue.  Donors started cutting up their pink ribbons.  Outrage prevailed.  SGK heard the cry and reversed their decision and apologized to the American public.

So.  Who won?  Susan G. Komen is all about finding a cure for breast cancer.  Planned Parenthood is all about smart choices for pregnancy and also for women’s health, INCLUDING breast cancer.  PP has provided for over 4 million breast exams, and received a large portion of that funding from SGK.

Once again the political arena has caused a division of loyalties among the populace.  SGK is now on the defensive, rallying to defuse the crisis that promoted such dissension.  I have a feeling this is going to hurt SGK in the pocket, which in turn is going to hurt women’s health.

Was SGK wrong in their decison to pink slip PP?  Is PP wrong in funding abortion?  Was this politically motivated?  Is SGK wrong in doing the proverbial political “flip-flop” to save their reputation?  Is it up to the public to decide where charitable funds are distributed?

I think both these organizations have their own special purpose.  It is not for me to judge who is right and who is wrong.  In this case I think both organizations are going to be under the microscope now because of the national news interest.  As a woman I can only hope that all of this fuss won’t affect breast cancer research or women’s health overall.

I wish the American public would rise up against the politicians like they have against SGK, and get some positive changes made.  We should have a say in where they spend OUR money, just like we do with SGK.  At leat SGK is disbursing funds to all positive outlets, and not throwing away money every day like the government.  I get sick thinking about the billions that have been wasted in wars and bailouts.  The government is NOT held responsible for their actions.  Apparently SGK IS being held responsible, and has chosen to listen to the American public, and made the painful decision to reverse their position.

I hope this was the right decision.  Abortion is a political powder keg issue.  It is a make or break statement to a lot of people.  Maybe people who previously donated to SGK did not know they funded PP, and now decide they won’t donate because they are against abortion.

Either way, I hope the spotlight now moves on to something else.  Preferably something positive!  I would love to see your comments here on Word Press.  Thanks for stopping by.