Old Connection – New Adventure?

Last Saturday night I was doing my taxes (I know, lame right?!) and out of the blue an old Match.com flame popped up my yahoo messenger.  I probably haven’t talked to him in 2 or 3 years.  We ended up on the phone for almost an hour, reliving old times.  We both agreed we should get together again for a date.  But then later I thought, wait a minute, why did we quit dating in the first place??

Time.  Distance.  That’s a problem when you date online, lol.  The dates don’t necessarily even live in the same city.  Or state, for that matter.  Luckily, this particular date did live in the same state, but a good hour away, even in good traffic.  AND worked 7 days a week.  Sooooooo doesn’t make for very many impromtu dates, or dates at all for that matter!

The dates we had were good.  Phone conversations were usually interrupted with his work calls (One negative of being a small business owner!).  But pretty soon they petered out.  Not his fault.  Not my fault.  Haven’t even thought about him in several years.

What now?  Not sure.  We have been texting back and forth the past few days.  We will probably go on another date.  It will be nice to hug and kiss someone besides a dog or a cat.  I already know he is NOT my “One Day” kiss (see previous blog), but I don’t recall it being too bad either, lol.  (He told me I am a GREAT kisser, but I already knew that, as I have my Master’s in kissing!)   I am willing to give it another go.

One attribute he has that puts him above the rest immediately is that he has blonde hair and blue eyes.  Both my exes had brown hair and brown eyes.  And were both Leos.  One day apart.  Yikes.  No more Leos for me.

I’m not all giddy and excited about this.  Which is actually a good thing.  Giddy and excited gets you nothing but a big let down sometimes.  I’m not madly in love, or even like with this guy.  Maybe some day.  Maybe never.  Not going to worry about it until it plays out, one way or another.

But I’m not a quitter.  Got a second chance at the brass ring, and I’m gonna go for it.