Stop or Go……I don’t know

And so it begins again…….still no date night set.  Sure he texts and calls throughout the day.  But there is still the time factor of not knowing when he WILL be free.  It’s not like he can just stop by.  Too far away for a drop in, even for a quick lunch….or a quick ANYthing lol.  He never knows how his day will go, whereas I can pretty much schedule out every minute.  Not a good combo, right?

I was out to lunch with my niece, and we were joking around and she came up with the fab idea for him to take me away for a weekend in Lake Geneva.  HER idea, not mine.  But a fab idea at that.  So away I text.  He didn’t text back right away, but hey, he could have been holding a live wire or something.  When he did we went back and forth a few times and he said we would discuss it over the phone, as we would have to figure out WHEN we could go.  WHEN.  Again.

Do I get discouraged and just let it die out again?  Or do I hang in there and see what happens?  It’s not like other men are knocking at my door lol.  Maybe I just need to throw the yellow caution flag, and just cruise for a while.

I am a planner, so it will be hard for me to just go with the flow.  Last minute stuff.  I like to be prepared, but maybe off the cuff is more fun.

But SOMETHING will have to happen.  Sooner than later.  Then I’m all good.