Strike One

Strike One, Messiah.  Three strikes and you are out.  Before you even get to run the bases.

Just because you are having a guy’s softball reunion in another town doesn’t mean your iPhone can’t call or text message.

Very little contact since his last phone call Friday night while I was busy with the ex-husband.  I knew he was busy with the boys, but expected a call here or there.  Cell phones work in Chicago and Rockford.  Finally got a two word text this evening, which I ignored for a little while.  Figured I shouldn’t be in any hurry to respond.  He got the hint and texted me again, that he told me he would be with friends from LA and wouldn’t be around, and that he guessed I wasn’t listening to him, lol.

Lol indeed.  I responded back “guess not.  thanks for letting me know.  My fault, I knew you were busy”.  No response back.  And I’m not expecting one.  Subject is dead.  The only question remaining is, are we?

I think if you want to be in a relationship with someone you should stay in touch somewhat.  Technology makes it very easy nowadays.  No excuses.

I’m sure he’ll call me tomorrow.  Not worried about it.  Didn’t really worry about it this weekend.  But in the scoreboard in my mind, the count is 1 strike, 0 balls.

Don’t take a chance with a second chance.