Exorcise Nicki

I never liked Nicki Minaj much.  Now I don’t like her at all.  She is just too in-your-face-disgustingly-gross.  If she was going for the shock factor ala Lady Gaga at the Grammys last night, she was successful.

Successful in shocking people.  Not necessarily successful in making her a star.  In fact, I think she did a good job in tarnishing her image.  A great job.

The younger generation won’t agree.  They love her even more.  She is the flavor of the month.  I don’t think they realize how blasphemous and disrespectful some of these “singers” are.  I hesitate to call Nicki a singer, she is more of a rapper.  She can spit out words faster than I can understand them, but it must be because I am old.

I wonder if the Grammys would have allowed her to mock the music used in the Islamic call to prayers. Her “pope” would be the prophet Mohammad and the performance would be as reverent and as elevating as the riff they did on Adeste Fideles last night .  Or maybe insult Judaism.  Whatever.  I found it to be offensive, regardless of what religion she was insulting.  I guess if you can’t dazzle them with brilliant singing, then baffle them with religious bullshit, eh Nicki?

Adam Lambert was shunned from musical appearances a couple of years ago because he kissed another man.  I guess that is worse than impersonating a bishop and exorcising demons on stage.  And worse than beating up your girlfriend in a fit of anger like Chris Brown, who was welcomed back with open arms, and even won a Grammy.  How quickly we forgive and forget in some cases.  Having said that, I do think Chris Brown is VERY talented and has unbelievable dance moves, and I think he is truly sorry for his actions.  (Jan, how do you know that, have you talked to him?  No, but I think his humble acceptance shows it).  Or worse than girl-on-girl kissing like Madonna and Britney. I don’t understand why mainstream hasn’t embraced Adam Lambert.  He has one of the BEST male voices EVER in my opinion.  I would LOVE to see a duet with him and J Hud or Lea Michele.  I reckon Adam is too flamboyantly gay for the music industry, altho gay seems to be very popular in other arenas.

All in all, with the exception of Nicki and a few other people I had no idea about, I enjoyed the Grammys.  J Hud was brilliant in her tribute to Whitney.  Adele is just…Adele.  The voice of a generation.  Beautiful, and yet shyly humble too.  Oh and loves to throw out a few swears, and snot too, all in a highly entertaining British accent.  Gotta love it.

Strike Two

Valentine’s Day date is back to a maybe.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.  I told him in no uncertain terms this morning I’m NOT playing that maybe game again.

When I hung up I’m sure he knew I am not happy with him, even though I didn’t tell him he’s on Strike Two.  He actually used his mom as an excuse, and that he needed to go see her, and his friend isn’t leaving till tomorrow, so once he has no TIME, so MAYBE, but FOR SURE I am the one left simmering on the back burner.

Simmering is not a good thing at this point with me.  Not simmering mad anyway.  Certain things have happened lately that leaves me with no patience to play any more reindeer games.  Things not necessarily happened to me, but it still brings up feelings of the past to me.  So maybe I am judging him too harshly right now, but I remember all too well the days of yester year with all the maybes.

This girl is a Maybe Girl no more.  Swing and a miss, dude.  Strike Two.  Count is now 0 balls and 2 strikes  Not a good spot to be in Mr. Baseball Player.  I have the sinking feeling you are going down for the count.