Strike Two

Valentine’s Day date is back to a maybe.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.  I told him in no uncertain terms this morning I’m NOT playing that maybe game again.

When I hung up I’m sure he knew I am not happy with him, even though I didn’t tell him he’s on Strike Two.  He actually used his mom as an excuse, and that he needed to go see her, and his friend isn’t leaving till tomorrow, so once he has no TIME, so MAYBE, but FOR SURE I am the one left simmering on the back burner.

Simmering is not a good thing at this point with me.  Not simmering mad anyway.  Certain things have happened lately that leaves me with no patience to play any more reindeer games.  Things not necessarily happened to me, but it still brings up feelings of the past to me.  So maybe I am judging him too harshly right now, but I remember all too well the days of yester year with all the maybes.

This girl is a Maybe Girl no more.  Swing and a miss, dude.  Strike Two.  Count is now 0 balls and 2 strikes  Not a good spot to be in Mr. Baseball Player.  I have the sinking feeling you are going down for the count.


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