Strike Three

Hey batter batter batter hey batter hey batter batter……. WHOOSH!  Called third strike!  Didn’t even make an attempt to swing.  Got caught looking.  Or not.  Step away from the plate.  Hang your head in shame.  You’re out!

Just thought I would update those that were keeping score.  Contact information has been deleted from my phone.  Not that I really would be tempted to call him or even text him to tell him that he no longer exists in my reality.  I am ambivalent about the whole thing.  Not really even disappointed.  The writing was on the wall.  He is dead to me.

Ok, so back to my reality.  I should have never resurrected him in the first place.  I have reinforced why I still like animals better than people.  For good reasons my friends.  Good reasons.


8 thoughts on “Strike Three

  1. What happened to strike two? I was waiting for an update and now the story is over…bummer! Sorry to hear it or read it! Hope your ok! Have a Happy Valentines Day anyway, screw him!

    • Ah, Strike Two blog was yesterday! He went down for the count pretty quick, didn’t need much help from me. I’m perfectly fine, doesn’t bother me a bit, lol. I also wrote a blog about running into my ex Friday night, but I didn’t post a link on Facebook out of respect for the members of his family that I am Facebook friends with. So poke around my blogs, exciting stuff there, lol

      • Yes and no. I think it’s just getting easier to accept how crappy most of them are. That’s what gets easier. You get seasoned to expect less than stellar performance.

        It’s not any better when one blows you out of the water though… it’s just as disappointing when you realize the truth…. maybe even more so.

        Somewhere… I believe and know in my heart- that one exists. I know he’s better than the rest of these charlatans… and I know we both have one coming. Faith is all it takes. Faith in spite of having every reason to not have any.

        He exists… because we do. It’s as simple as that. ♥

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