Killer Kitten

My lovable little baby kitty is growing up.  He is now an adolescent.  He doesn’t play with babies or mommies any more.  His idea of playing now is running hot laps in the bedroom over my body.  A 7 pound cat can HURT when running full blast and using you as a launch pad.  Last night he ran a lap and used my freshly peeled face as a trampoline to spring off the bed.  Can we say intense pain!  No amount of cursing or throwing objects will stop him.   Then he lies on top of my dressing table, and just stares at me.  For a long time.  Until I begin to feel like prey…..  Then all of a sudden the switch turns off, and he leaps to the bed with his usual little squeak, and cuddles up in my neck, purring a mile a minute.  NOW he wants affection, and then sleep.  But only when HE is ready.

Now, while I am truly amazed at the “air” he can get and the speed he can run, graceful he is not.  Something is always crashing to the floor.  Usually something breakable.  This morning when I was doing my post-peel facial cleansing/moisturizing/sunblocking, he took a mad dash across the double sinks and sent all my ceramic Easter decorations AND my coffee cup crashing to the floor.  BAD momma, for placing those delicate items in his way!  I should have know better.  But at the time I thought he was content playing with the water in the toilet.

I keep his litter box in the bathroom, as he likes to join me in all my activities.  It has a hood on it so he can have privacy if he wants.  Momma gets no privacy,  When Ozzy is done in his box, he leaps out and then tangles himself in momma’s pant legs.  After boxing with him trying to pull my pants up, I then go clean his box.  Because of my bad back, I can’t hardly bend over.  So I take it by the handle on top of the hood, and place it on top of my laundry bin.  While I am scooping his litter, he ALWAYS jumps into his box from the floor and frantically starts scratching, and then pees, right where I am trying to scoop.  He is marking his territory.  Which is fine, but now I have a cat in a litter box wobbling off the laundry bin while I’m trying to balance everything until he jumps out and then scatters litter everywhere.  Sigh.  Luckily I keep a cordless stick vac in the bathroom, just for kitty litter, lol.

Another odd thing I am noticing.  If he is not laying in his grass on his playground in the bay window, he lies on the carpet on the floor.  Like in the middle of the hallway.  I find that strange.  Most cats prefer a nice soft perch.  I think he does it because he knows I cannot bend down and pick him up, so he is left alone.  He doesn’t like his momma cuddling him anymore.  😦

I think he might be mad at me.  He isn’t the same since I cut off his balls and yanked his front claws.  Now I know I am being melodramatic when I say it that way, but hey, from Ozzy’s perspective, that’s basically what I did.  Then I left him and went to the hospital for four days.  Maybe he was traumatized over that.  I don’t know.

I feel the need….

Have you ever the felt the need to just kiss someone so badly because you just KNOW they will be a perfect kisser and you can barely control yourself?  I run into a few, here and there.

That’s how I feel about Gavin DeGraw right now.  I have a mad cougar crush on  him.  He has that goofy look, those big teeth, that huge grin, and delectable lips.

He keeps reminding me of someone….and I think I’ve got it.  David Cook (American Idol) with a dash of Luke Mably

But someone else keeps niggling at my mind……I haven’t got it exactly right….it will come to me in the middle of night, lol.  Does anybody know who he reminds me of?

He’s not the swiftest dancer by any means in DWTS but he is more than passable.  So you combine that his singing, piano/guitar playing and goofing around, he is just too damn delightful to pass up!

He will be touring this summer and stopping off at Ravinia in Highland Park Friday, June 29th.  Who wants to go????

Cause I’m worth it

Those of you who know me are aware that last year was definitely NOT in my top ten.  Let’s just say I’ve had better.  The past few years have really taken its toll on me and my appearance.  When you are in constant pain, you tend to put yourself on the back burner.

Well not any longer.  Tomorrow I am going for a Vi Peel.  You may have seen it advertised in a variety of places, it is also known as the “Hollywood” peel because it has become so popular.  It is quick, fairly inexpensive, and corrects a variety of ills, from age spots to sun damage to wrinkles.  After weighing a lot of different options of other therapies and my usual overkill of research on google, I decided this is the best for me.  Even though it is the most cost-effective, it’s not really about the money.  Cause I’m worth it.  At any cost.

So, tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. at the Advanced Laser Clinic and Medspa, I hope to peel off the dusty old layers of useless skin to reveal a new fresh start on my face, neck, chest and hands.  I will be coming home with new hope, along with little miracle bottles to exfoliate the rest of my body over time and get rid of those icky brown spots that seem to cling to old ladies’ legs with a vengeance.  Two weeks from now, a microdermasion to seal the deal.

I’m also on track with a new healthy eating program, after watching the “diabesity” program.  Fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains.  I do feel better already.  Now all I need is to get my back fixed so I can walk, and maybe someday I can sing and dance around the house again!  I miss that.

I took some “before” pictures today.  I look forward to the “after” pictures.

Google me this, Google me that

It has gotten to the point where when I run to get a pen and paper to write something down so I don’t forget it, I forget it.

Also, ever have a word on the tip of your tongue but just.can’  Until 2 a.m. when you wake up and it dribbles off your tongue and smears on the side of your face like it was there all the time?  Lot of good it will do you then. 


Or when somebody says something to you and you fumble around mumbling something inaudible with your face turning red and you NEVER have the right retort to them until later, and you wish you had a re-do?  Or you run into your ex at a bar and his wife keeps flashing her wedding rings in your face as you walk by.  (Like WTF lady, I know YOU bought that ring, just like I bought my own ring, lol).  Wish I could have said  at the time  “Oh, what a beautiful, expensive ring you bought yourself, next ex-wife!”

I need an instant on Google icon in my brain.  Google the thoughts to get the word.  My brain lost its own sorter, and so I fumble around, searching, wishing I was in front of my computer so I could Google it.  Yes, I have Google on my phone, but just not fast enough.  I need instant Google at my fingertips on a full size key board.

I’ve been saying it for years.  What did we ever do without Google?  How did we know ANYTHING?  Of course I am kidding, I am from the generation where we actually had to pull out an Encyclopedia and look stuff up at a brick and mortar library!

You would think with all this technology to make things so much faster we would have a lot more spare time.  But no.  We spend our spare time looking things up on Google, lol.

Quick Hunger Games review

4 out of 5 stars, I think it was a bit sterilized to give it the PG13 rating. It held my attention every second, but I think it glossed over the really nitty gritty details of how awful it really was to be in that arena, kids killing kids. I know there is a time limit with movies obviously, but I felt it was a bit too “neat and tidy” a package, not truly the book that Suzanne Collins wrote. But, overall I thought it was wonderful, and can’t wait for the next installment! I would LOVE to see your comments here on what you thought, and your ranking of the movie. Have a great weekend!


I was just watching a program on public TV by Dr. Mark Hyman.  He coins the phrase “diabesity” to describe the diabetes/obesity epidemic we have.  He goes through his whole speel on “The Blood Sugar Solution”, which is kind of pricey at $225.  However, I took good notes, and every thing he says makes good common sense.  Eat healthy, live healthy.  Stay away from additives and preservatives and high fructose this or that and all sugar substitutes.  Eat organic, eat fresh, eat green.  Clean out your insides and start fresh!   We carry a lot of toxins around in our body!   He makes good sense to me, nothing I didn’t know before.

But we are so used to eating high sugar/high fat food wherever we go.  Eat low sugar, and it’s high fat.  Eat low fat and it’s high sugar.  So just stop eating all the convenience foods, the packaged food, the fast food.  Think about how we ate before all this.  Lean protein, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sounds so simple.  So why don’t we do it?  Some people do.  Most people do for awhile, and then don’t.  I’m gonna try really hard to do it.  Right after I go to the midnight movie and eat popcorn!  Extra butter please!

Hungering for the Games – Redux

I thought I would shake the mothballs off this blog I wrote last August, as my Hunger will be assuaged at midnight tomorrow night.  Very highly anticipated, just like for Twilight.  I have seen many trailers since the first one came out last year, and each one peaks my interest even more.  I will be back to review the movie on Friday.  I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

The first trailer for The Hunger Games movie was shown at the VMA Awards show.  It was short, and didn’t show much.  That is the purpose of the first trailer.  Give you just enough to want more.  To hunger for more.  I, indeed, am drooling and can’t wait to feast at the first movie come 2012.  However, just like all multi-book series, ala Harry Potter, Twilight etc., you have the interminable wait for the next one.

Luckily for me, these books did not enter my realm of consciousness until after all 3 books were published.  I read The Hunger Games series in 3 days.  I could not stop.  Reading is my drug of choice.  Thank goodness for my Kindle, 30 seconds to a new book, not hours running to the bookstore.  The books consumed me as much as I consumed them.  The whole concept, of using children in this way, is so alien to what our culture believes.  We are used to seeing only adults fight for power and recognition.  But who knows what a post-apocolypse world would do.  Children as the proverbial sacrificial lamb.  How entertaining.

It will be interesting to me to see how closely the movies will follow the books.  There already is talk about the casting of the characters, mostly negative.    But we all create a picture in our minds while reading, that may or may not translate into a real person.  I will save my critique until after the movie.  I do hope though that they put them all under contract for the series, not just the picture, as cast changes just confuse people more and usually don’t work out well.  Unless we’re talking Charlie Sheen.  Never was a big fan.  I’ll take Ashton anytime!

When is it MY turn?

I just don’t get it.  I must have been evil in a previous life.  I try to be a nice person, and even succeed sometimes.  When someone I know gets sick, I bring them a nice lasagna.  When I get sick, I still bring them a nice lasagna.  Cause nobody is bringing ME a nice lasagna.

I’m the person that drives herself to the ER cause she doesn’t want to bother anyone.  I’m the one that apologizes when she can’t loan somebody something because the last loanee never returned it.  I’m the one that will run out and buy someone a card, a book, a gift because they lost a pet.  I’m the one that is all alone when she has to say goodbye to her pet at the all-night emergency vet.  I’m the one who “handles” everything for everyone.  Including myself, even when I can’t.  Nobody steps up and “handles” me.  Nobody sends me flowers at the hospital.  Nobody brings me a casserole when I come home.  I’m the one cooking for them.

I do this to myself.  All I have to do is ask, and I shall receive.  But I guess I figure I shouldn’t have to ask.  So I don’t, and then wonder why I get nothing.  I keep hoping people will be like ME, and just do it because you should help people in need, without being asked.  I shouldn’t expect people to think like me.

There are exceptions to the rule.  I was pleasantly surprised this last go round in the hospital, because I actually had multiple visitors, and a beautiful flower from my SIL.  Lots of phone calls.  And lots of Facebook messages.  Facebook has been a huge positive in that regard.  In the past I would be in the hospital, usually for at least a week, without any visitors or flowers.  No one would know, because I didn’t call them up and say, hey, guess what, I’m in the hospital!  I would be embarrassed because the nurses would feel sorry for me.  I would make up stories about how far away my family lived or that I insisted they not come.  I have taken limos home from hospitals because I had no ride to come get me.  Now I make sure I drive myself there, if I can, so I have a way home.  A few times with my Crohn’s, I had to call 911 and an ambulance took me to the hospital.

People don’t realize that when you live alone, you don’t have anyone to cook for you, do your laundry, clean the house, feed the cat, clean the litter, or even get a drink of water, when you are sick.  When you can’t even lean over to put your underpants on, let alone get dressed, you are stuck.  So you do what you can, and do without for the rest.  You pour the cat food on the floor, try to pour the water into the bowl, keep pouring more good litter after bad, eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, watch the dust bunnies grow, and wear your summer PJ’s when you run out of winter ones.  You just don’t realize how helpless you are until you are crippled and have to rely upon other people who don’t reside there.  People always say the usual “let me know if you need anything” but what am I suppose to say?  Yes, I need someone to clean the litter box, and bring me dinner?  I just can’t do it.

I do have family close by, and they will go to the store for me and stop by for a few minutes.  But they have their own lives and work etc., so I don’t expect a lot out of the them.  Everybody has their own issues.  Unfortunately, with my Crohn’s disease I have been in and out the hospital a lot, and people just get tired of it.  Luckily I have been doing good in that regards for a few years .  But now I have the 5 herniated disks and sciatica, and I am waiting to have surgery for, for almost a year now, and things just get worse and worse.  I joke about going to Wal-Mart and riding the scooter, but deep inside I am horribly embarrassed.  I don’t like to think of myself as handicapped, even though I have been lately.  I use Peapod for my groceries, and try to save my walking steps for laundry, which is down two floors.  I hate my raised ranch!

I can only walk so far until I have to stop or I will fall over.  I am in chronic excruciating pain at all times.  My doctor actually sent me home from the hospital with Fentanyl pain patches, in addition to the usual Vicodin.  I’ve used a few but they don’t really work.  I would much rather do my hot tub twice a day than wear the patch (I can’t wear the patch in the hot tub).  My pain is way beyond pain killers.  I need my surgery!  I hate waiting on the insurance company to approve it.

Ok, done with my whining.  Thank you for listening.  Time to try to sleep again.

Enjoying this early spring? At what cost….

Records are being shattered every day in Chicagoland.  It’s in the 80’s in March in Chicago.  Very warm weather here for weeks.

The weather is all upside down,  Snow in Arizona and San Diego, while the midwest bakes.  Record number of tornadoes being spawn from the collision of warm/cold fronts.

God forbid I should say those two dirty words:  Global Warming.  Nobody wants to believe it.  Nobody wants to give credence to it.  Well look around people.  Global warming is not just about warm weather.  It is earthquakes in China, snow and cold in Europe, tsunamis, tornadoes, glacial melting, polar bears eating humans for food….it is here people.

The land will become ocean, and the ocean land.  Like it was before.  This will NOT be our first climatic change….

According to the Mayan calendar, it is the end of times December 21, 2012.  Maybe, but I doubt it.  I believe in the more biblical revelation and tribulation.  (You all read my Left Behind post, right?).

Regardless, global warming is here and here to stay.  So enjoy it, while it lasts…….we may be on a countdown.

Hot guys in a tool belt!

They are building a new house in my neighborhood.  Beautiful two-story, right on the lake, with a nice sand beach.  But even better is the work crew.

Hubba Hubba!  It’s been a very warm spring here, and as I drove by the other day, they were all on lunch break.  With no shirts on.  With abs of steel.  With tool belt slung low on their hips.  I almost drove into a huge pile of dirt in the parkway.  It would have been worth it, they most certainly would have come to rescue me!

Usually all that noise of hammers and saws would annoy me.  Not this time. No way.  Hammer away.  At least once a day I find some excuse to drive by and gawk.  I really wish I could stroll by, walking my dog, and strike up a conversation.  But damn my luck, both my dogs died and I can’t walk because of my back 😦

I wish I could whistle like men do when construction workers see a woman walk by.  Back in my heyday when I worked in downtown Chicago and all the women wore skirts, there was a lot of whistling going on.  I miss that, lol.  And if I could whistle, I sure would, right at them!  They would probably get a kick out of it, lol.

Sigh.  So here I sit.  All alone.  In my ivory tower.  Waiting.