Oprah has a fashion stylist?

Of course she does.  Her name is Kelly, and she is very cute and SMALL.  To her credit she says she was never given very much time to dress Oprah on her show.

Oprah kicked off her final season 24 by taking over Michigan Ave. in Chicago.  And wearing this:

Skin tight pants, and a skin tight top that rode up in the back and showed off her ENORMOUS breasts that bounced with every step she took.

Oprah girl, please, you have more money than a body has a right to, and you show up at a HUGE public appearance with a camel toe in front and booty in the back, and a shirt with side strings that you can pick up at any Wal-Mart.  Please.  Where is Dr. Phil when you need an intervention.  Who in the hell dressed you????

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m like the pot calling the kettle black, but substantial women should NOT wear spandex except as underclothing. The tighter the clothes, the more cellulite tumors you can see.  Not a pretty picture. 

Over the years on your show, you have had many programs on how to dress.  In fact, I have several Le Mystere bras that I call my “Oprah bras”.  You yourself promoted them to “lift the girls up and hold them in place”.  I definitely don’t think you are wearing them anymore!  Same with jeans, pants etc.  I have been shaking my head these past few years wondering if you have the same circus mirror I have, that shows you tall and skinny regardless of what you are wearing.  Granted, your weight has fluctuated greatly over the years, but what works when you are skinny, does not work when you aren’t.  Nobody wants to be in the way of the explosion of flesh if your spanx give way.

Most of your clothing just does not fit your properly and does you no justice.  You could afford to wear all custom made clothing that would flatter your body type.  But you don’t.  It’s like you are making a statement, hey, this is my body, and I’m gonna wear whatever I want, and I don’t care how I look.

Speaking of which, if I had a personal trainer and a cook to make healthy delicious food, I would think I would be more fit.  Maybe not.  Not in the position to try it, lol.

Sigh.  I guess when you are Oprah, you can do anything.


5 thoughts on “Oprah has a fashion stylist?

  1. My thoughts exactly! For years I’ve wondered if she has a mirror and doesn’t she have one honest friend that will tell her “your butt looks HUGE in those pants”? What about her buddy Gail? If I was her friend I’d tell her before she went on national TV! Like you said she’s got enough money to have her clothes custom made to fit.

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