I want a kitty playground!

The ultimate kitty playground.  Everything a kitten could ever want or need.  Let’s review:

First up, the Massage Center.  The ultimate day spa adventure!  If your mama doesn’t pet you enough, you can get your fix here!

Then, the Scratch Pad, soft enough even for declawed paws.  A mani/pedi for kitty paws.

Followed by the Grass Garden.  A mix of wheat and oat greens designed especially for kitty tummies to help aid in digestion, served in an attractive bowl.

And who can resist the Food Maze?  Don’t we all love to play with our food!  Eat and exercise at the same time!

Finally, to wrap everything up, the Play Circuit and the Speed circuit!  Need to work off all that food with an exercise buddy, before nap time.





Ok, so now where is mama’s day spa playground!



Photos courtesy of Catit Design Senses Bundle


One thought on “I want a kitty playground!

  1. So I’m embarrassed to admit that a human (my nephew) had to teach my cat how to play with the playground. Ozzy couldn’t figure out that you can’t hit the ball OUTSIDE the tube, so Ryan stuck his paw INSIDE the tube. Let the fun begin!

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