State your Name, Rank and Serial Number….please!

I suffer from CRS disease.  Can’t Remember Shit.  No, seriously.  As soon as I think to myself, I should write that down before I forget it, the thought is gone.  Flitting away like a butterfly.  Then I am left sitting there with a blank look on my face. 

I worry that I am getting Oldheimers, but it’s more like SomeTimers.  Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t.  My mother had bad Alzheimer’s, so of course I think the worst, since I am her clone… where was I?

I go online and take these cognitive tests that show whether or not you have signs of Alzheimer’s.  I always pass, because I know who is President and what day of the week it is.  What I want to know is where the heck are my car keys?

I have always been bad at remembering names and dates, especially from the past.  Like yesterday.  I remember certain things with no problem, like who stole my lawn mower 10 years ago (wink, wink), but I can’t remember the date that my dad OR my mom died.  Go figure.

So the next time I see you and don’t call you by name, it’s because I’m still searching the hard drive in my brain before it crashes, and I get a user error message.  It’s gonna take a little while to reboot, so for God’s sake please remind me!

I promise to do the same for you.  If you remind me.  Or if I can tell by the deer in the headlights look we all get at a certain age.


2 thoughts on “State your Name, Rank and Serial Number….please!

  1. You are not alone. Last Saturday I thought I’d lost my wallet but I’d put it in my friend’s daughter purse, I lose my keys all the time and usually find them in the ignition, names? OMG even If I do know their name I’m afraid to call them by it for fear I’m wrong. I’ve called to report my car stolen and I’d just went out the wrong door at the mall, I am forever getting lost but can’t read a map because I forgot my reading glasses. It takes me a long time to get where I want to go; if I remember where I was going.

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