Unrequited:  not reciprocated or returned in kind.  Doesn’t matter whether you are talking about love or friendship or even hatred.  It’s one-sided.  Lopsided.  One side does everything.  The other side does nothing.  Oblivious even.

Life is too short to waste your time thinking about people who barely acknowledge you exist, or only does so when it suits them or is convenient for them or profits them in some way.

I think it’s time to clean house again.  Nothing so obvious as defriending people or sending them a goodbye.  Just releasing them from my consciousness.  Not giving them another thought. This time I must be more merciless. Second chances were fine.  Third and fourth are ridiculous, and they know it and I know it.  This is NOT a pity party.  Oh noooooo.  Just the opposite.

It’s during times of troubles when you find out Who really matters.  Who calls.  Who comes to visit.  Who gives you a thoughtful card.  Who brings you a beautiful flower. Who brings you lunch.  Who sincerely asks to help.

And who doesn’t.  And those people just don’t matter.

6 thoughts on “Unrequited

  1. Sure… sure. This is true. I have the girl here at my new job? Ssshhhh… i worked all day! tiny break. And she’s a doll, we have a different relationship. See one another 2/3 times a year but we’re friends still… depends on the relationship. I know what you mean though, it’s nice to be though of.

    🙂 … BYE!

    • I have a g/f who has been the same for as long as I’ve known her. She moved away so we don’t see each other that much but email and phone and rext. But I never hear from her unless she is having man troubles. It was the same when she lived here, if she was with a man she didn’t have time for her g/f’s. Recently she was going through a bad time in her relationship and I was receiving text messages and phone calls all day long. It was hard to work but she was really having a bad time of it, right through Xmas. Then nothing for over a week so I messaged her, didn’t hear back for a couple of days. They are working it out. Great!

      Then I hear Jc got engaged and I message her that I am upset. Her reply, “He doesn’t love you, get over it. Gotta go I’ll call you tomorrow” I didn’t hear from her.

      I wasn’t surprised in the least but disappointed. I have a hard time shutting a person down when they are going through a bad time.

  2. Re the Don’t Waste Time image…it is completely true.

    I have learned.

    The amount of selfish and self-centred people in the world is truly frightening. Honestly, they need help to overcome the shit inside them.

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