The Kardashian Bible

“Bible”.  “Bible”.  The only thing more irritating than baby talk coming out of Khloe’s mouth is “Bible”.  As in “I swear I will break your arm if you don’t let me go.  Bible”.

Kim says it on occasion, but not as much, prolly cause she is afraid of a lightening bolt from God above. I do think I heard though that she is going to bible study as of late.  Honey, I think it’s too late for a Tim Tebow date.  You are a little too…tawdry?  I almost feel blasphemous posting a pic of her next to him…

Kourtney?  I’m not sure.  She might say Bible.  I don’t really pay too much attention to her because Scott is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more entertaining.  And besides, you could just substitute Kim’s voice for hers.  As much as I hate Khloe’s baby talk, at least she doesn’t sound like the Kim/Kourtney Klones.

Speaking of Khloe, does anybody else think it is hysterical that she had a “maternity” test to see if KRIS was her mother?  Ummm, I don’t think that was ever at question.  It’s the FATHER that is at question.

She bears no resemblance what so ever to Robert Kardashian, and is not hirsute like her sisters.  Her electrolysis bill is miniscule compared to them.  She is tall, they are short.  She has light brown hair (which she colors darker on purpose, to fit in?), they have black. She is not nearly as dark as any of them, overall.

She actually looks like Bruce Jenner, lol.  But Bruce and Kris didn’t hooked up until later.  Bible.   And Kris has some very dominant genes, because Kendall and Kylie look just like her, very dark also.  So Khloe’s real father must have been extremely light to counteract Kris’s genes.  I mean, 5 of her children are dark.  One is not.  And Kris has admitted to an affair while married to Robert.

But who knows?  I don’t know.  At least nothing I would swear to on MY Bible.  I don’t worship at the Kardashian Kross.




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