I have not written a new blog in days!  Personally, I blame Thomas.  He’s the scapegoat this week (and probably for weeks to come yet).  Also a little bit of blame to somebody who did something to somebody who is on a blog that I know somebody.  Frankly, my head is spinning, lol.  I don’t have time to write a blog, with the hundreds of emails piling up in my inbox, chronicling all the drama that has happened the past few weeks.  Plus I was in the hospital for 4 days, and fell behind then.  I have not been able to catch up.

So.  I cleaned house today.  I read what I thought was most important, and DELETED the rest.  It killed me, but I had no choice.  No way of catching up.  So I apologize if I deleted something that somebody was waiting for an answer on, or was hoping for a reply, or a comment.  I wish everybody the best, and will still be reading and responding, now that I am back to ground zero.

Starting fresh.  Time to think of only myself, lol, and be selfish, and worry about MY stats, my book, my men (or lack thereof), my own tiny life.  Not nearly as interesting, but maybe someday, lol.

So thanks for the entertainment, fellow bloggers!  Hopefully some good will have come out of all the bad.  I think so.  I see at least a Lifetime movie.  Seriously.  I’m available for cameo’s.  Seriously.


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