Another Illinois Govenor going to the Big House

Only Rod Blagojevich can make going to jail into a campaign.  The news cameras have been in his face non-stop this past week, counting down the days to his incarceration.  He has made every moment count, still signing autographs as he was entering the plane for crying out loud.

His legacy will certainly include his constant motor mouth.  Last night, his final night at home with his wife and daughters, he make a fanfare of his final statement, ignoring pleas from his wife to come back in the house.  He.just.could.not.shut.up.  Playing up to the cameras and his fans was more important than his family on his last night.  Blah, blah, blah Blago, ad nauseum

Only in Illinois does a disgraced political figure act like a celebrity as they led him off to jail.  He will get a big surprise tonight when he is just another inmate at a federal prison surrounded by a high razer-wire fence.  Blago might be an avid jogger, but no way is he going to be able to high jump this puppy, lol.

He will join another disgraced Illinois governor, George Ryan.  Maybe they can compare notes on how they both landed in the joint.  Ex-Enron prez Jeff Skilling can maybe show him the ropes.

He will now be sleeping on a very thin mattress on a metal frame, and applying boiled coffee grounds to keep his famous mop of hair dark.  He does NOT get to choose his roomie, like in college.  Tomorrow morning when he is awoken at dawn, he will start his day doing menial chores, like cleaning toilets perhaps.  Every day will be exactly the same.

Welcome to Groundhog Day Blago!!!


One thought on “Another Illinois Govenor going to the Big House

  1. Just an update…..Blago pulled an OJ and led the media on a chase through the suburbs of Denver as his SUV passed by the prison several times as if on a sight-seeing tour. He and his entourage of two lawyers ended up at a burger joint where he pressed the flesh with people who had no idea who he was. He glad-handed his way right down to the very last. Gotta love him!

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