Hot guys in a tool belt!

They are building a new house in my neighborhood.  Beautiful two-story, right on the lake, with a nice sand beach.  But even better is the work crew.

Hubba Hubba!  It’s been a very warm spring here, and as I drove by the other day, they were all on lunch break.  With no shirts on.  With abs of steel.  With tool belt slung low on their hips.  I almost drove into a huge pile of dirt in the parkway.  It would have been worth it, they most certainly would have come to rescue me!

Usually all that noise of hammers and saws would annoy me.  Not this time. No way.  Hammer away.  At least once a day I find some excuse to drive by and gawk.  I really wish I could stroll by, walking my dog, and strike up a conversation.  But damn my luck, both my dogs died and I can’t walk because of my back 😦

I wish I could whistle like men do when construction workers see a woman walk by.  Back in my heyday when I worked in downtown Chicago and all the women wore skirts, there was a lot of whistling going on.  I miss that, lol.  And if I could whistle, I sure would, right at them!  They would probably get a kick out of it, lol.

Sigh.  So here I sit.  All alone.  In my ivory tower.  Waiting.


One thought on “Hot guys in a tool belt!

  1. hahahaha! you almost drove into a pile of dirt! That’s Classic! It’s funny how seeing a hot guy dulls all your other senses isn’t it (as to the noise reduction because they’re so “hot”)? hahaha!

    Well … now woman, when you feel better… I guess, much like I need to (can’t go and be a huge hypocrite myself now can I?) you can find something to go out and do and maybe they’ll come flocking to the tower? 🙂

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