Hungering for the Games – Redux

I thought I would shake the mothballs off this blog I wrote last August, as my Hunger will be assuaged at midnight tomorrow night.  Very highly anticipated, just like for Twilight.  I have seen many trailers since the first one came out last year, and each one peaks my interest even more.  I will be back to review the movie on Friday.  I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

The first trailer for The Hunger Games movie was shown at the VMA Awards show.  It was short, and didn’t show much.  That is the purpose of the first trailer.  Give you just enough to want more.  To hunger for more.  I, indeed, am drooling and can’t wait to feast at the first movie come 2012.  However, just like all multi-book series, ala Harry Potter, Twilight etc., you have the interminable wait for the next one.

Luckily for me, these books did not enter my realm of consciousness until after all 3 books were published.  I read The Hunger Games series in 3 days.  I could not stop.  Reading is my drug of choice.  Thank goodness for my Kindle, 30 seconds to a new book, not hours running to the bookstore.  The books consumed me as much as I consumed them.  The whole concept, of using children in this way, is so alien to what our culture believes.  We are used to seeing only adults fight for power and recognition.  But who knows what a post-apocolypse world would do.  Children as the proverbial sacrificial lamb.  How entertaining.

It will be interesting to me to see how closely the movies will follow the books.  There already is talk about the casting of the characters, mostly negative.    But we all create a picture in our minds while reading, that may or may not translate into a real person.  I will save my critique until after the movie.  I do hope though that they put them all under contract for the series, not just the picture, as cast changes just confuse people more and usually don’t work out well.  Unless we’re talking Charlie Sheen.  Never was a big fan.  I’ll take Ashton anytime!

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