I was just watching a program on public TV by Dr. Mark Hyman.  He coins the phrase “diabesity” to describe the diabetes/obesity epidemic we have.  He goes through his whole speel on “The Blood Sugar Solution”, which is kind of pricey at $225.  However, I took good notes, and every thing he says makes good common sense.  Eat healthy, live healthy.  Stay away from additives and preservatives and high fructose this or that and all sugar substitutes.  Eat organic, eat fresh, eat green.  Clean out your insides and start fresh!   We carry a lot of toxins around in our body!   He makes good sense to me, nothing I didn’t know before.

But we are so used to eating high sugar/high fat food wherever we go.  Eat low sugar, and it’s high fat.  Eat low fat and it’s high sugar.  So just stop eating all the convenience foods, the packaged food, the fast food.  Think about how we ate before all this.  Lean protein, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sounds so simple.  So why don’t we do it?  Some people do.  Most people do for awhile, and then don’t.  I’m gonna try really hard to do it.  Right after I go to the midnight movie and eat popcorn!  Extra butter please!


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