I feel the need….

Have you ever the felt the need to just kiss someone so badly because you just KNOW they will be a perfect kisser and you can barely control yourself?  I run into a few, here and there.

That’s how I feel about Gavin DeGraw right now.  I have a mad cougar crush on  him.  He has that goofy look, those big teeth, that huge grin, and delectable lips.

He keeps reminding me of someone….and I think I’ve got it.  David Cook (American Idol) with a dash of Luke Mably

But someone else keeps niggling at my mind……I haven’t got it exactly right….it will come to me in the middle of night, lol.  Does anybody know who he reminds me of?

He’s not the swiftest dancer by any means in DWTS but he is more than passable.  So you combine that his singing, piano/guitar playing and goofing around, he is just too damn delightful to pass up!

He will be touring this summer and stopping off at Ravinia in Highland Park Friday, June 29th.  Who wants to go????


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