Killer Kitten

My lovable little baby kitty is growing up.  He is now an adolescent.  He doesn’t play with babies or mommies any more.  His idea of playing now is running hot laps in the bedroom over my body.  A 7 pound cat can HURT when running full blast and using you as a launch pad.  Last night he ran a lap and used my freshly peeled face as a trampoline to spring off the bed.  Can we say intense pain!  No amount of cursing or throwing objects will stop him.   Then he lies on top of my dressing table, and just stares at me.  For a long time.  Until I begin to feel like prey…..  Then all of a sudden the switch turns off, and he leaps to the bed with his usual little squeak, and cuddles up in my neck, purring a mile a minute.  NOW he wants affection, and then sleep.  But only when HE is ready.

Now, while I am truly amazed at the “air” he can get and the speed he can run, graceful he is not.  Something is always crashing to the floor.  Usually something breakable.  This morning when I was doing my post-peel facial cleansing/moisturizing/sunblocking, he took a mad dash across the double sinks and sent all my ceramic Easter decorations AND my coffee cup crashing to the floor.  BAD momma, for placing those delicate items in his way!  I should have know better.  But at the time I thought he was content playing with the water in the toilet.

I keep his litter box in the bathroom, as he likes to join me in all my activities.  It has a hood on it so he can have privacy if he wants.  Momma gets no privacy,  When Ozzy is done in his box, he leaps out and then tangles himself in momma’s pant legs.  After boxing with him trying to pull my pants up, I then go clean his box.  Because of my bad back, I can’t hardly bend over.  So I take it by the handle on top of the hood, and place it on top of my laundry bin.  While I am scooping his litter, he ALWAYS jumps into his box from the floor and frantically starts scratching, and then pees, right where I am trying to scoop.  He is marking his territory.  Which is fine, but now I have a cat in a litter box wobbling off the laundry bin while I’m trying to balance everything until he jumps out and then scatters litter everywhere.  Sigh.  Luckily I keep a cordless stick vac in the bathroom, just for kitty litter, lol.

Another odd thing I am noticing.  If he is not laying in his grass on his playground in the bay window, he lies on the carpet on the floor.  Like in the middle of the hallway.  I find that strange.  Most cats prefer a nice soft perch.  I think he does it because he knows I cannot bend down and pick him up, so he is left alone.  He doesn’t like his momma cuddling him anymore.  😦

I think he might be mad at me.  He isn’t the same since I cut off his balls and yanked his front claws.  Now I know I am being melodramatic when I say it that way, but hey, from Ozzy’s perspective, that’s basically what I did.  Then I left him and went to the hospital for four days.  Maybe he was traumatized over that.  I don’t know.


2 thoughts on “Killer Kitten

    • I tried using the claw caps on him first. it was a no go. He was clawing me and kids up,and then shredding furniture. He was in control of his own destiny there. Now he BITES me so hard he leaves bloody trails, lol. Actually, that’s not funny.

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