There are advantages…..

My blogger friend Jenni got me thinking on this subject.  Another douche bag man…she’s thinking of getting a kitten instead.

Worked for me. I don’t need no stinkin’ man I got me a baby kitty…..Ozzy.  Let’s see, what are the advantages?  Snuggles on my neck every night, doesn’t go out “catting” around, always happy to see me, and never leaves the toilet seat up for starters.  Clean as a whistle, doesn’t leave dirty clothes hanging everywhere, doesn’t take up much room in the bed.   Doesn’t have any bad habits, like smoking, drinking, or doing drugs.  Likes reality TV shows and Animal Planet.  Gives you hugs and kisses whenever you want.

Any disadvantages?  Sure, as in any relationship, you have to take the bad with the good.  Ozzy expects food and water in his bowl at regular intervals, and expects me to clean his waste every day.  Also uses me as a springboard for his nightly gymnastics.  Chews up all my strings that dangle.  Occasionally has bad breath.  Gets a little carried away with smurf bites.  Tongues a little raspy on the face.  Likes to try and trip me.  And, yes, he is an animal, not a real man, who does have an occasional use.  There are obviously a few men out there who could trump my cat, but they are just delusions illusions of reality for me, lol.

But overall?  For unconditional love?  Please, no contest.  A cuddly kitten or puppy will win every time.

Gavin DeGraw hangs up his dancing shoes….

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, Gavin watched the traditional burning of his capezios.  A sad moment for us all.   He lasted five weeks, a lot longer than he probably thought initially.  I do think he accomplished his mission.  He learned a few dance steps, got to spend time with beautiful people, and put himself and his new album on people’s radar.  I myself never really was aware of WHO he was until DWTS.  Sure, I had heard his songs, but never associated a face to the music.  I think he will become more exposed to the public.  To me, going back in time and watching his early performances/videos, it is so endearing to see how Gavin has grown over the past 12 or 13 years or so since his videos first hit the net.

He was so soulful and vulnerable with his early songs, like Glass and Dancing Shoes.  His voice so pure, pouring his heart and soul into his songs over his piano.  He has said himself he really didn’t hit it big until he stopped caring about what other people thought of him and his music.  And truthfully, he LOOKED like he didn’t care.  In the beginning, he made the rounds of gigs and small towns, wearing a ball cap or beanie to tame his wavy locks and rumpled jeans and a t-shirt, not worry about his outward appearance.    Most of his early videos show him in rag-tag clothes.  I don’t think he ever really worried about dressing up.  Many videos show him on live TV show performances looking like he just rolled out of bed.  But the girls still screamed, lol,  Now he wears his self proclaimed “uniform” of tight black pants, vest and signature hat, sometimes a black leather jacket.

He has progressed into a man with charm and plenty of humor to abound, whether it’s showing off his hula hooping skills, or stories about his life.  He no longer just stays behind the piano or guitar, stepping up more into the spotlight as singer, altho he always returns to his piano at some point.  I think he is more playful now and banters with the crowd, more comfortable.  He knows his songs are good and he doesn’t have to worry about selling himself to the crowd anymore.  He just has to show up, and everybody’s happy.

Now he always wears a dress hat, and his hair is cut short.  No more wavy locks cascading down from his hat.  In fact, he looks like there would be no hair under his hat.  There is, but it HAS receded quite a bit since his younger days.  If he didn’t cut it so short, he would look like a regular guy.  I think the hat is his “stictk” now.  But I do wish he would let his hair grow a bit more, he looks funny to me with just a hat and no hair sticking out.

He’s from New York, but I think he has some country passion in his soul that gives him a bit of a twang in his voice.  His smile is very contagious, and he could charm the spots off a leopard.  He is very polite, always with the please and thank you.

I would imagine his tour bus has seen its share of groupies.  He does not appear to be a chaste type and am sure he enjoys his women.  Doesn’t seem to have had a lot of girlfriends, hard when you are touring all the time.   But I don’t think he ever lacks for female companionship.  However, I don’t think he likes a lot of PDA, and I rarely see him touch Karina in the way that most of the dancers do, always with their arms around each other, married or not, lol.  I think he likes his romance private.  Even tho he is a sexy man for sure!  I think not being so blatant about it adds to his allure.  His personality shines through first, and then his sultry sexiness.   I believe he would be a very passionate lover.  You can tell.  The hands.  The lips.  The moves.

His body is long and lean.  He is strong, but not muscle-bound.  He carried Melissa Gilbert down a flight of stairs like she was a feather.  I’ve seen his stomach and chest in a marine challenge video, he did pretty good!  Also, during his goodbye dance last night, he picked up Donald Driver and whirled him around several times WITH ONE ARM.  Impressed me, lol.

I don’t think he is romantically involved with Karina, although I am sure she is disappointed about that.  She was the one who recruited him, after all, after meeting him at an event.  However, there IS a romance going on at DWTS, and everybody thinks it is Katherine and Derek, but Katherine has tweeted that it is not them.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it is Gavin and Katherine.  I saw a pic of them taken together at #DWTS and they seemed very happily cozy together.  Hmmmm…..she’s a singer from Wales, he’s a singer from USA….not sure how often their paths would meet….so have fun for now.   That’s why I don’t think Gavin has a real girlfriend.  He tours constantly.  And after all this exposure on DWTS, I think he will be even more popular.

Sad to see him go, but glad he can concentrate more on his music and his tour now.  His performances will certainly be even more crowded now.  They’ve been adding dates to his tour almost weekly.  He certainly has renewed my interest in playing piano, and I am determined to practice more.  He has brought sexy back to piano!

So Gavin, I’m “Not Over You” yet, but sure enjoyed your mega-watt smile and humor and good grace every week.  I’m sure your tour will be even “Sweeter” now.  Good luck my friend, and hope to see you in concert some day.

Love story woven in songs

She went to the concert by herself.  She was too embarrassed to ask any of her girlfriends to go with her.  They would think she was crazy  ier.  She couldn’t explain her obsession, even to herself.  She was too old.  Wasn’t his type.  She told herself every excuse in the book.  But every night she dreamt about him.  Every day she watched his face, as she listened to his voice online.  All 17″ of him.  She wasn’t prepared, however, for the physical impact of seeing him in person….  She had saved up for a good seat and felt like she was staring right up at him.  Goose bumps ran up and down her spine, and she felt light-headed, like she would faint.  Her heart froze up and she forgot to breathe….and then he seemed to smile right down at her as he sang “I get you through it nice and slow, when the world’s spinning out of control”…. Pretty soon she couldn’t tell the reality from the dream.  Things started to get a bit hazy after the concert….

She found herself standing backstage, along with the usual groupies.  Someone asked her something, and she stuttered, “I’m with the band”.  They smiled knowingly, and walked on by. The band was winding down, having a few drinks.  Billy, his buddy and guitarist, handed her a glass.  She took a sip, and grimaced.  Then she heard the voice.  His voice.

“I’m drinking the brown liquor tonight, my friend”, he said.  “If that doesn’t suit you, I’m sure I could find some white lightning”, as he grinned, showing his boyish cockeyed toothy smile that melted hearts.  She looked up, and then around, wondering.  Is he talking to HER?  He clinked his glass to hers.  She could not move.  She was mesmerized.  His brown eyes crinkled at her, as he leaned his long, lanky frame on the doorway.  He put his free hand up on the other side, trapping her in between.

“What’s your story, sunshine, haven’t seen you around here before”, he said.  She lost her words, and downed the contents of her glass, hoping for some liquid courage.  She came up almost choking on the taste, but managed to hold it down.  As it burned fire in her belly, she could finally speak.  She leaned forward, and put her hand on his vest.  “I came here for you”, she said.

“Couple more of these”, he said as he tipped his glass full of brown liquor to her, “and you might just get your wish little lady”.

He whispered in her ear, “You’re like an angel, got me feeling like a devil, and I wanna give you something, if you promise that you won’t tell“.  He pulled a piece of black licorice out of his pocket, and dangled it in front of her.  “My favorite vice”, he said “besides coffee.”   “Goes good with the whiskey”, he breathed in my face.  She leaned forward and they took a bite together.  He smelled deliciously of well-earned sweat, whiskey, licorice and a faint lingering scent of cologne.  She inhaled deeply, to imprint his pheromones in her senses forever.

He pushed his hat back a bit with the glass in his hand.  She raised her eyes and said teasingly “Always with the hat?”  Leaning back against the door frame he said “That’s an excellent question, darlin’, an excellent question.  I’ve always worn a hat, since Little League, and now, I guess I think it adds to the mystery.  Does he or doesn’t he have hair, now that is the real question.”  “I know you have hair”, she said, “I’ve seen pictures without”.   “Now see you’ve gone and spoiled my mystique.  That’s all I’ve got going on”, he grinned.  “Oh, you’ve got a lot more than a hat going on”, she said.

“Maybe we should explore that”, he said, while pouring some more of the brown liquor.  “You’ll be my vacation away from this place. You know what I want.  Holding that cup, It’s pouring over the sides.  Make me wanna spread my arms and fly.

She reached for his hand.  He wrapped his fingers around hers, and looking back said “Billy, I’m leaving you for tonight, take care of the tour bus.”  “Soon enough I’m taking my shot”.  He cocked his fingers like a gun.  “Bang”.

They walked to the parking lot towards her car, away from the horde of fans waiting for him at the tour bus.  She said “You shouldn’t leave your fans disappointed”.  “Not to worry” he said.  “Most of them are happy enough with Pretty Boy Billy”.  As they drove towards her house, she glanced over at him.  “Well I would imagine you have all kinds of girlfriends everywhere”, trying to sound nonchalant about the images playing in her head.  He stared at her a moment.  “Well”, he said, “Let me be perfectly honest”.  “So before this goes too far, let me tell you what you are.  You’re amazing, I’m attracted, but I’m terribly distracted.  And I’m trying to be verbal, and I’m back into this circle because I just found someone special.  And that’s really something special if you knew me.  Nice to meet you, nice to meet you, nice to meet you anyway.  And even if you want me to stay here, I’m telling you right now I should leave before I get to changing my mind, dear. I hope you understand what I mean.”

She stopped the car in her driveway, and froze with her hands on the wheel.  She should turn around and take him back to his bus.  She wasn’t going to make herself a one-night stand, a moment of weakness, a mistake, just another cheap groupie looking for someone to brag about.   But he was honest with her, and she appreciated him all the more for it.  He placed his hand on hers.  She turned her head, looked deep into his eyes.  Satisfied, she took the keys out of the ignition, and opened her car door, walking up to the house without looking back…..

He followed her to the front door.  Put his hands on her shoulders, and turned her around.  He touched his forehead to hers.  “Darlin’, I think you understand me.  That I don’t want to be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately.  All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind.  I’m tired of looking ’round rooms wondering what I’ve got to do or who I’m supposed to be.  I don’t want to be anything other than me.”  “You are all I want, all I dream about”, she said.  The door closed silently behind them.

She awoke slowly, not wanting her dream to end.  She kept her eyes shut, trying to prolong it.  She knew it was just a dream, but it all felt so real….she sighed as she rolled over to the other side of the bed.  And felt the warmth of a recently departed body.  Her eyes flew open, as she frantically searched her brain and the room for any clues.  Surely it was all a dream.  The best dream.   She blinked as she saw a t-shirt laid across her nightstand.  She grabbed it and held it close to her breast and inhaled of it deeply.   A note fluttered to the floor:

“I’m in love with a girl who knows me better.  Fell for the woman just when I met her. Took my sweet time when I was bitter.  Someone understands.  And she knows how to treat a fella right.  Give me that feeling every night.  Wants to make love when I wanna fight.  Now someone understand me.  I’m in love with a girl, I’m in love with a girl, in love with a girl.  And her name is YOU.”

She rolled back on her back.  How could this be happening to her?  Surely she would never see him again.  Then her phone chirped.  Incoming voice mail, from a number she didn’t recognize.  With her heart pounding, she pressed the button, and heard his voice again…

“Oh, this is the start of something  good, don’t  you agree?  I haven’t felt like this in so many moons, you  know what I mean?  And we can build through this destruction as we are standing on our feet.  So since you want to be with me, you’ll have to follow through with every word you say.  And I, all I really want is you, you to stick around.  I’ll see you everyday.  But you have  to follow through.  You have to  follow through”.

She clutched the phone to her and wept with joy.  Oh yes.  Hell yes.  She would follow through.  She would follow him to the ends of the earth.  Then, startled out of her revelry, she looked at her ringing phone.  It was the same number, calling.  She smiled as she hit the green button….

Primetime Porn

Welcome to your guide to disguising porn as a dance competition.  Can we say Dancing with the Stars?   I love it!  But I don’t really think that the young uns should be watching some of this stuff.  There are hips gyrating, breasts bouncing, rumpy pumpys, skimpy outfits, shirtless men, and plenty of spandex and tight pants!

These professional dancers have bodies that just don’t quit.  Gorgeous, beautiful, finely sculpted bodies.  And they show them off.  To the limit.  And the “stars”?  Some of them are just amazing.  Take Jack Wagner, who just got voted off (sorry Jack, better you than Gavin).  He is in his fifties and has abs of steel.  Great shape.  obviously the athletes are in great shape.  But an opera singer?  Wowser.  Even Sherri Shepherd, who hasn’t lost a pound yet btw, looks great.  She’s top-heavy, but has great legs, and her smile and attitude are just so contagious!  She’s not on the show to lose weight necessarily, she just is so grateful to be there, she has tried for years, and is finally living her dream!

Other shows are just/almost as bad.  So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance Crew etc.  But then again, look at Ballet.  Men in tights.  I was always embarrassed to even look at them!  It was just…..tooo in your face, for this good Catholic girl!

So enjoy your Prime Time Porn tonight on Dancing with the Stars, and be SURE to vote for my man Gavin!  Please.  How you resist that boyish grin?

Crazed Cougar Crush

I have had many a crush in my day, but this Gavin DeGraw crush is killer.  Never was on my radar until he showed up with his toothy cocky grin and hat on Dancing With the Stars.  He hit me right in the guts.  You know, those guts that flutter when you see someone who tickles your fancy.  Been a while since that has happened to me, but he can tickle me all day AND all night, please!  And I know I’ve already written a post about him previously, but he is on my mind a lot on Monday and Tuesdays, so please humour me!

I have my favorite music (which is mostly Glee covers, lame I know!).  But I do love to sing and dance.  Never knew how much until it was way too late, unfortunately.  I really do think that singing along to all those Glee CD’s have taught me a thing or too, lol.  Makes me really miss my pups, I used to walk them at night in the dark and sing my Glee songs.  My labs favorite was Bohemian Rhapsody, and my goldens favorite was Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Anyway, along comes Gavin DeGraw, who can sing YOUR heart out, and now he is dancing.  And, while he is no William Whoever Latin Dude Dancer, he is a subtlety sexy dancer who really grows on you.  Did you see Carrie Inaba’s reaction to him this week?  He is on HER radar now too!  And can I just say that I hate Karina?????  The way he touches her  (You can be sure they are not just dance partners.  Most of those pros have flings with their partners every season.  Karina, Cheryl, Derek, Mark….and why not?  Altho I feel sorry for poor Tristan, he is a hot Irish lad who always gets stuck with the old ladies!  Anyway, I digress…)

You can tell he would be an awesome kisser too.  He has those big juicy lips.  Big teeth, big mouth, big teeth.  I still haven’t figured out exactly who he reminds me.  Originally I said David Cook with a touch of Luke Mably, but there is still someone missing….oh wait, I know, he looks like Gavin DeGraw!  Except until I few weeks ago I had no freakin’ clue as to who he was.  (Added later:  Ok, I was just watching a video, and I think his voice reminds me of Christian Slater?  Also, I think he has a barely visible scar on his right lip….. I could kiss it and make it all better.  Oh Geez, grow up! lol)  Sigh.  To be young again.

Now, I am not TOTALLY delusional, and I know he is much younger than me and obviously a music star and the chances of ever meeting him are slim to none.  BUT.  A girl can still dream, still have a crush, still admire a fine figure of a man like him.  I will say I typically don’t like a hat man, but it suits him well.  Except for on DWTS, he hides ALL his hair in his hat, and he DOES have nice hair!  I like a little hair peeking out.  It’s funny, I don’t go all gaga over the typical hot guy, like William Levy, I like the guys who can keep you laughing and entertained, and have a sensual smolder deep down inside, not all over the outside to everyone, ya know?  So I have been watching all his videos, and not only can the man sing, he tickles the ivories like I wish he would tickle me….oh crikey, you know what I mean!    He sings, he plays, he dances, he is devilishly cute and sexy, and those big teeth just really get me.  I’m a teeth person, love good big teeth.  Like a horse, lol.

His songs are endearingly sweet, and in most he appears so longingly loving.  In my next life, I want to come back as one of the lucky ladies in his videos!  For a day.  A night.  A day and night.  Ok, forever.

It’s been almost a year now….

Since I first started blogging.  Been a fun ride so far.  Ups and downs.  Some posts I am very proud of.  Some that are just silly, and that’s fine too.

Slowly but surely getting more followers.  Still have very few comments.  Not sure why.  Some of these posts I pour my heart out, and wish I had comments.  Some people do comment in Facebook on my link, but that disappears and doesn’t show up under my permanent posts here in Word Press.  Sometimes I don’t link a post to Facebook in deference to my family and ex in-laws, who probably wouldn’t want to see the truth in some of my posts.  Sometimes I write a story or essay and send it in to contests.  Win or lose, I am very proud of my entries, and they are all winners in my book.

I have found SO MANY bloggers to follow.  Every morning my inbox is overflowing with fresh new posts and comments.  I read every one.  Sometimes I comment, sometimes I don’t, but only because so many other people have I figure it’d get lost in the shuffle anyway.  I wish I had that problem, lol.

Some of the bloggers are so nice and helpful and sweet.  I really appreciate any help learning the ropes around here.  That’s why I hope for more comments.  They will come, with time, I’m sure.  This is a great blogging community here, and the more I get to know them, the better I like them.  All the bloggers are so supportive of each other, and sometimes the comments are better than the original blog, with all the input back and forth!

I find that some people, including myself, express themselves better in written words. It can be a very cathartic experience.  It is more than just journaling.  It is sharing experiences, good and bad, with other people who take the time to read and share ideas with each other.  Some posts are soul-searching and therapeutic.  It is cleansing to get it all out in black and white.  I have a lot of posts sitting in my drafts, waiting for me to decide whether or not to publish them.  I don’t want to hurt people with some things I have to say.  My truths or versions of a story may be quite different from theirs.  But it’s okay if they sit in drafts forever.  I know they’re there.

I love the written word.  Mine AND yours, and all my favorite authors.  Thank you all for contributing to my passion!

Am I laughing or crying?

Sometimes I can’t tell the difference.  There are times I laugh so hard I cannot control myself, almost to the point of hysteria.  And then there are other times I cry at the drop of a hat.  Or cat.  Or dog.

Several years ago I started taking Paxil at the behest of my doctor.  I was having a very bad patch in my life being bullied, and cried every day coming home from work.  Sobbed.  Gallons of tears.  Non-stop.  The doctor said Paxil would help.  It did.

It didn’t dry up ALL my tears.  That would be impossible.  I’m a natural born crier.  But Paxil gave me my life back so that I COULD make it through the day without bursting into tears at the slightest provocation.  Paxil gave me my Mojo back.  I thought I was over the hump.

Ah, but then life played some really dirty tricks on me.  Last year was one of the worst years of my life.  I lost so many things in my life, I didn’t know how I would go on.  My beloved golden, my lab, my Siamese cat.  One after another.  And let’s not even mention my back/work issues.  Paxil helped me through.

This year, I thought things would get better.  Or couldn’t get much worse, lol.  So I weaned myself off Paxil.  I didn’t tell my doctor, I don’t have any insurance and didn’t want to waste the money.  I felt ok, that I could do without it.  What more could possibly happen to me?

I’m not sure if that was a judicious decision.  For the most part it is ok.  But I find myself having to hold back the tears at the oddest time.  Reading a book.  Watching a TV show.  A movie.  If there any emotion involved, the tears are pressing against the back of my eyelids and clogging up my nose and throat.  Usually if I pinch myself really hard, it will pass.  But there are certain triggers where nothing will work.

A picture of a dog like mine, or cat.  Laying in the hot tub and remembering how she always laid at the top of the steps, winter, spring, summer and fall, to protect me.  Sometimes a picture will appear on my screen and I will physically feel the jolt of pain and sorrow and I gasp, and hot tears burn a path down my cheeks.

Typically, if I try really hard, I can hold off a full assault.  But, should I?  Should I struggle?  Or just take the damn Paxil?

There is more trouble in store for me yet this year.  And that is only the trouble I already know about, like back surgery.  I already have to take a pretty heavy cocktail of pills every day.  I don’t want to have to take more than I have to.  Sometimes it’s like you take one to counteract another.

Seems I’m damned if I do, or damned if I don’t.  Thoughts?

It was all my fault

Nobody knew.  Nobody cared.  Cause it was all my fault.

What goes on behind closed doors would amaze some people.  Outward appearances are just that.  Outward.  It’s what inward that counts.

My sister says it was all my fault.  I should let sleeping dogs lie.  I should shut my mouth and just take it.  I shouldn’t cause a scene in public when he wouldn’t leave a bar until he fell down dead drunk.  They all blamed me.  He was SUCH a great guy.  Nothing wrong with staying out late, night after night, drinking.

Being out with friends, having a good time, having a few beers.  Then seeing the switch go off in his brain, reflected in his eyes.  Knowing it was going to be another one of “those” nights.

Waiting up all night for him to come home.  Watching him fall dead drunk out of his truck.  But it was all my fault.   I shouldn’t care if I would have to go bail his drunk ass out of jail.  I shouldn’t care if he killed a family of five on his way home.

My ex would say it was all my fault.  When he would wake up after another binge drinking session, and see the door busted down, furniture awry, bruises on my neck.  It was all my fault.  Didn’t I know better than to try and reason with a drunk?  I should leave him alone.  It was all my fault he hurt me.

Throwing water on him to wake him up to go to work.  Him dragging me down the stairs by the hair and shooting me in the face full blast with the sink sprayer while banging my head into the cabinets.  It was all my fault.  I shouldn’t care if he lost ANOTHER job due to no call/no show.

It was all my fault his ex-wife hated me and poisoned his children against me.  I shouldn’t care if they had clean clothes, a home cooked meal, or rules or values or morals.  I shouldn’t care how she bad-mouthed me to the rest of the family.  How she laughed at me behind my back.  How appalled I was at her drinking and drugging.   How he never backed me up.  Three poor little children.  It was all my fault.

Fooled me good that last year.  Hardly any incidents.  Light at the end of the tunnel.  His boat paid off, truck paid, braces for kid’s teeth paid.  Then his brain switched again.  For the last time.  And the web was woven around him with the allure of alcohol and womanly understanding.  Pre-planned even.   It was all my fault.

Should have known when he cheated on me.  Easy mark when he’s drunk.  Should have expected it when the in-laws held my hand while crying and then stabbed me in the back when I turned.  Should have known when he stalked me all over town with his new girlfriend.  He’d show me who was boss, who owned this town.  He was KING.  Just ask her.  It was all my fault.

When he left, it was all my fault.  I pushed him to the brink.  I expected too much of him.  He couldn’t take it anymore.  It was all my fault.  I should haven’t locked him out of the bedroom when he would come home stinkin’ and reekin’ drunk.  It was all my fault he had to bust down the door and choke me around the neck and bash my head into the wall.  Repeatedly.  He was King of the Castle.  Didn’t I know that?

It was all my fault that my beloved golden retriever Maggie was afraid of him, yet waited for him to come home, night after night, after he abandoned us.  Laid on the stairs, every night, with sad, knowing eyes.  Waiting for him to come home, yet afraid he would attack his momma again, and not knowing what to do.  So she just stayed on stairs.  Waiting.  She died shortly after he left.  Of a broken heart.  But it was all my fault.

Should have never married him.  Knew he came from a family of drunks.  That’s what they all said.  You KNEW.  IT”S ALL YOUR FAULT.  So we don’t care what happened to you.  Or if you are sad.  Or heart-broken.  Or broken in any way.  IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.

“Social” media?

Facebook can be a sad reflection on the state of society.  I initially joined Facebook with the intent of keeping my circle of friends intimate and primarily for picture updates of far away family members and networking.  But, like so many other things, all that went by the wayside in the interest of ever-growing information.

The friends list grew.  Friends of friends.  Relatives.  Co-workers. (Bad idea in general).  Anyway, the list grows on and on and takes on a life of its own.  Pretty soon you are drawn into the silly statuses of people who you could care less about in real life.  Joe Blow got drunk last night.  Susie Smith is bored.  Oh, and the pictures!  Pictures of Joe Blow and all his underage drinking buddies drunk and disorderly, holding up a variety of liquor cans and bottles with drunk ass smirks on their faces.  Pictures of Silly Susie Smith taking care of her boredom by posting 15 million pictures of her face at different angles.

That is all fine and dandy.  No big deal.  But what about when you DO see a big deal, written or graphically pictured on Facebook?  The above-mentioned underage drinkers.  The next day hangovers.  The fights.  The public break-ups.  The status changes, back and forth.   The snarky comments intentionally meant to hurt someone.  The BULLYING.  People have lost LIVES over this.

What if you see something that you don’t agree with?  Or that you think will hurt someone?  Should you stay quiet?  Should you tell?  If you tell, then you will no longer be “trusted”.  If you don’t tell, and something bad happens as a result, can you live with yourself?

Do you REALLY want to know all this shit???????  People (myself included) have a tendency to post TMI about their lives on Facebook.  Do you want your mother reading it?  How about your boss?  How about your spouse?  If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t post it.   Younger people don’t realize that what you post on the internet is FOREVER.  FOR F’ing EVER.  Once you hit Enter, or press Send, you can’t take it back.  You can delete it, sure.  But it will be flying around in cyberspace FOREVER.

Let’s say you apply for a job.  One of the first things a SMART company will do, in addition to background checks and references, is look for your Facebook page.  And unless you have it privatized pretty securely, they are going to see your drunk ass partying it up, all the F bombs you let fly, and all the lingo you use that pass as your language.  Some of which I just don’t get, but that’s another matter.  Anyway, some companies now are insisting on your Facebook password.  I think it’s in the courts right now.  Who knows what the result will be.  It may already be too late for you.  But if you are a teenager or young adult, you know everything, so who am I to tell you?

I think you can tell a lot about a person on how they use Social Media.  Facebook, Twitter, blogging etc.,…….it’s all there for you to see.  And read.  And make a conscious or sub-conscious decision about someone or something.  Does EVERYBODY really need to know EVERYTHING?  No.  They don’t.  And they shouldn’t.  Some things are better left unsaid.  And unseen.  Every now and then you need to take inventory and remove the bad thing(s).   (Trust me, I thank GOD that in my day we had nothing to document our drinking binges in colleges with, or I would be quite embarrassed!   But then again, maybe I would have seen how stupid I looked.  Nah, lol)   Drunk dialing was bad enough bad then.  Now we just drunk text.  Also.  So many ways to be a stalker nowadays!  lol

I write blog stories about my life and social commentary on things that catch my attention.  Sometimes people make fun of them.  Sometimes people like them.  Either way is fine with me, I try not to be too obnoxious.  At least with a blog, you have to make a conscious effort to subscribe, or click on a link, before it’s all up in your face, lol.

So next time you feel the need to “share”, think about who, what, where, when and why you are sharing the particular information.  There are many, many things I love about Social Media, and don’t know how I ever lived without Google, seeing all the cute pictures of kids and puppies and amazing videos, finding long-lost high school friends, sharing pictures of my Ozzy and Bri (my two fav camera uploads), and reconnecting with family I haven’t seen in years and years.  None of this would ever happen without all this high-tech stuff we now take for granted.  I am “online” in so many ways….desktop, laptop, Nook Color tablet, smartphone…..I am always available.  Even when I am not.