It’s been almost a year now….

Since I first started blogging.  Been a fun ride so far.  Ups and downs.  Some posts I am very proud of.  Some that are just silly, and that’s fine too.

Slowly but surely getting more followers.  Still have very few comments.  Not sure why.  Some of these posts I pour my heart out, and wish I had comments.  Some people do comment in Facebook on my link, but that disappears and doesn’t show up under my permanent posts here in Word Press.  Sometimes I don’t link a post to Facebook in deference to my family and ex in-laws, who probably wouldn’t want to see the truth in some of my posts.  Sometimes I write a story or essay and send it in to contests.  Win or lose, I am very proud of my entries, and they are all winners in my book.

I have found SO MANY bloggers to follow.  Every morning my inbox is overflowing with fresh new posts and comments.  I read every one.  Sometimes I comment, sometimes I don’t, but only because so many other people have I figure it’d get lost in the shuffle anyway.  I wish I had that problem, lol.

Some of the bloggers are so nice and helpful and sweet.  I really appreciate any help learning the ropes around here.  That’s why I hope for more comments.  They will come, with time, I’m sure.  This is a great blogging community here, and the more I get to know them, the better I like them.  All the bloggers are so supportive of each other, and sometimes the comments are better than the original blog, with all the input back and forth!

I find that some people, including myself, express themselves better in written words. It can be a very cathartic experience.  It is more than just journaling.  It is sharing experiences, good and bad, with other people who take the time to read and share ideas with each other.  Some posts are soul-searching and therapeutic.  It is cleansing to get it all out in black and white.  I have a lot of posts sitting in my drafts, waiting for me to decide whether or not to publish them.  I don’t want to hurt people with some things I have to say.  My truths or versions of a story may be quite different from theirs.  But it’s okay if they sit in drafts forever.  I know they’re there.

I love the written word.  Mine AND yours, and all my favorite authors.  Thank you all for contributing to my passion!


12 thoughts on “It’s been almost a year now….

  1. There must be a fine calculus for determining what draws comments. I wish I could offer a pearl of wisdom as far as that is concerned. I do get a good bit of comments but I have no idea why. You’re doing it all right: good content; reading other blogs; commenting when you can . . . just keep working on it sister.

      • xoxo back atcha. By the way, for some of my posts that are too dark, I created a backup blog. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone my secrets lol. BTW, I do NOT think your stuff is too dark.

  2. Jan, I agree with you that sometimes the comments are as if not more interesting than the post; the discussion brings more issues to the table or motivates someone else to share experiences. I love when people comment. Sometimes I am shocked at how many people visited my site because I only had a few comments, then I wonder if the other people didn’t enjoy it. But I know at first I didn’t comment much because I wasn’t sure what I had to say was of any interest. I’ve gotten over that and now I ramble on where ever I damn well choose. 🙂

    Just keep writing Jan, you have a lot to share that needs to be heard (read) and I certainly appreciate your posts AND your comments¤

    Hugs my friend

  3. I’m not a frequent commenter, but I’m pretty sure I have read every post! You’re a great blogger! I love the honesty in your posts! Keep it up!

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