Crazed Cougar Crush

I have had many a crush in my day, but this Gavin DeGraw crush is killer.  Never was on my radar until he showed up with his toothy cocky grin and hat on Dancing With the Stars.  He hit me right in the guts.  You know, those guts that flutter when you see someone who tickles your fancy.  Been a while since that has happened to me, but he can tickle me all day AND all night, please!  And I know I’ve already written a post about him previously, but he is on my mind a lot on Monday and Tuesdays, so please humour me!

I have my favorite music (which is mostly Glee covers, lame I know!).  But I do love to sing and dance.  Never knew how much until it was way too late, unfortunately.  I really do think that singing along to all those Glee CD’s have taught me a thing or too, lol.  Makes me really miss my pups, I used to walk them at night in the dark and sing my Glee songs.  My labs favorite was Bohemian Rhapsody, and my goldens favorite was Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Anyway, along comes Gavin DeGraw, who can sing YOUR heart out, and now he is dancing.  And, while he is no William Whoever Latin Dude Dancer, he is a subtlety sexy dancer who really grows on you.  Did you see Carrie Inaba’s reaction to him this week?  He is on HER radar now too!  And can I just say that I hate Karina?????  The way he touches her  (You can be sure they are not just dance partners.  Most of those pros have flings with their partners every season.  Karina, Cheryl, Derek, Mark….and why not?  Altho I feel sorry for poor Tristan, he is a hot Irish lad who always gets stuck with the old ladies!  Anyway, I digress…)

You can tell he would be an awesome kisser too.  He has those big juicy lips.  Big teeth, big mouth, big teeth.  I still haven’t figured out exactly who he reminds me.  Originally I said David Cook with a touch of Luke Mably, but there is still someone missing….oh wait, I know, he looks like Gavin DeGraw!  Except until I few weeks ago I had no freakin’ clue as to who he was.  (Added later:  Ok, I was just watching a video, and I think his voice reminds me of Christian Slater?  Also, I think he has a barely visible scar on his right lip….. I could kiss it and make it all better.  Oh Geez, grow up! lol)  Sigh.  To be young again.

Now, I am not TOTALLY delusional, and I know he is much younger than me and obviously a music star and the chances of ever meeting him are slim to none.  BUT.  A girl can still dream, still have a crush, still admire a fine figure of a man like him.  I will say I typically don’t like a hat man, but it suits him well.  Except for on DWTS, he hides ALL his hair in his hat, and he DOES have nice hair!  I like a little hair peeking out.  It’s funny, I don’t go all gaga over the typical hot guy, like William Levy, I like the guys who can keep you laughing and entertained, and have a sensual smolder deep down inside, not all over the outside to everyone, ya know?  So I have been watching all his videos, and not only can the man sing, he tickles the ivories like I wish he would tickle me….oh crikey, you know what I mean!    He sings, he plays, he dances, he is devilishly cute and sexy, and those big teeth just really get me.  I’m a teeth person, love good big teeth.  Like a horse, lol.

His songs are endearingly sweet, and in most he appears so longingly loving.  In my next life, I want to come back as one of the lucky ladies in his videos!  For a day.  A night.  A day and night.  Ok, forever.


6 thoughts on “Crazed Cougar Crush

  1. OMG; I thought I was the only “cougar with a crush.” Someday I’ll share my fantasy . . . he’s woken up a part of me I thought was gone for good . . .

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